Polish-French Workshop

High Magnetic Fields in Semiconductor Physics

Warsaw 20th May 2006


The meeting will be devoted to joint Polish-French scientific projects realized in the Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory. Series of presentations will be given covering both transport and optical properties of semiconductors subject to high magnetic field.



8.50 Opening Prof. Roman Stępniewski

8.55 Opening remarks Prof. Marian Grynberg

Optics I   chaired by M. Grynberg

9.00 Duncan Maude GHMFL “Quantum Hall ferromagnet at high filling factors

9.30 Leszek Bryja IF PWrEvidence for quantum Hall skyrmions in a hole gas with large spin gap and strong disorder

9.50 Barbara Piętka, IFD UW ”Intriguing Properties of Single Natural Quantum Dots Formed in Type – II GaAs/AlAs QWs in High Magnetic Field

10.10  Marcin L. Sadowski GHMFL “Landau level spectroscopy of Dirac fermions in ultra-thin epitaxial graphite layers

10.40. Coffee break

Transport chaired by D. Maude

11.00  Marek Potemski, “Crossing of Landau levels of a 2DEG in CdMnTe quantum wells

11.30 Michał Baj, IFD UW “Magnetospectroscopy of 2DEG by means of resonant tunnelling via individual impurities

11.50 Czesław Skierbiszewski IWC PAN” Quantum transport in high mobility GaN/AlGaN 2DEG

12.20  Katarzyna Surowiecka IFD UW „Resonant tunneling in GaAs/AlGaAs coupled quantum wells

12.40 Lunch and Coffee                        

Optics II chaired by Z. Wilamowski

13.30 Agata Kamińska, IF PAN "High pressure and magneto-optical spectroscopy of Cr related defects in the lithium rich LiNbO3:Cr,Mg crystal

14.00 Arkadiusz Wójs IF PWr “Shake-up replicas of acceptor-bound trions in photoluminescence of two-dimensional holes in high magnetic fields

14.20 Adam Babiński, IFD UW “Single dot spectroscopy in high magnetic fields

14.40 Final remarks Dr. Marek Potemski



The participation is free, however for logistic reasons the organizers will appreciate confirmation of attendance by interested persons, which should be addressed to dr A.Babinski before 15th May.

Dr. A. Babinski, Institute of Experimental Physics, Warsaw University, Hoza 69, PL-00-681 Warsaw
fax: +48-22-5532209, email: babinski@fuw.edu.pl