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I'm browsing through WWW using lynx (look lynx FAQ): links
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Few most useful: very short HTML Guide, PC Programming info

Anti-spam: CAUCE! (Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email)
Network boot - Other programming info
Psychology: mobbing/bullying - Thoughts and proverbs

(the info below is in Polish)
Dydaktyka: Programowanie II - zadania; Programowanie w C - zaliczenia.
Conieco o sektach.
Tu znajdziesz cos z mojej kolekcji programow: zfja-gate,
a tu o poczatku mojej wiary: "Cosmy widzieli i slyszeli..."

Jerzy Tarasiuk (jt@zfja-gate.fuw.edu.pl)

Clarification (08-Jan-2002): my address is _my_ proprietary; to avoid misunderstandings, I state I do not wish any advertisements to be sent to any of my mailboxes (jt in fuw.edu.pl domain); it was stated implicitely by link to CAUCE here, and by registering my e-mail in Global Exclude List, but seems many advertisers still ignore these statements, therefore I state:
by sending any unsolicited (i.e. without detailed information stating how, when, from where I stated I wished it) advertisement the sender agrees to pay for a charity I will select as much as I decide for him (i.e. by sending me any advertisement he signs an obligation to pay according to this rule); if this policy is not accepted, do not send me any advertisements.

I hope this either will stop all the spam I am getting, or give prosperity to many charities in Poland.

In Polish: kto wysyla mi reklame, podpisuje przez to zobowiazanie do wplaty na dzialalnosc dobroczynna, ktora ja wybiore, sumy, o ktorej rowniez ja zadecyduje; jak sie komus nie podoba, to niech nie wysyla.