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On Gamma Ray Burnst - by Bohdan Paczynski
Info about data/knowledge bases from Jarek Sakowski:
Info from INESC Current work links:
PC Programming info ZFJA-gate guest files dir

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On Gamma Ray Burnst - by Bohdan Paczynski

Article: Are Gamma-Ray Bursts in Star Forming Regions?
Abstract - original pointer: <*li>abstract astro-ph/9710086
And the article itself (local copy): (PostScript) (Tex)
Related work: abstract astro-ph/9709273

Info from INESC

INESC // serviços INESC
(these 3 links below are from the page above)

Unix Help A Beginner's Guide to HTML
The Free Compilers List (excerpt is below - checked now)

Chop (lcc variation) from link on page above was not found

lcc (free C compiler) README
(its address in Free Compiler List is obsolete)

Harvest C 1.3 (invalid address in the list, too)

Info about data/knowledge bases from Jarek Sakowski:

edb edb.tar.gz, examples.tar.gz
prof Wlodzislaw Duch z Torunia

Catalog of Free Database Systems(ftp) (http)
(posted every month to comp.databases, comp.databases.object,
comp.answers, and news.answers by David Muir Sharnoff mail)
(and here is some info found there)

LINCKS (Linkoping Intelligent Communication of Knowledge System)
interfaces: C library, emacs-like editor/X11
ftp:references ftp:to-get

Current work links:

Free compilers (local copy - it works!)

Sola Scriptura article (from SlowoNadziei - local copy)

msdos directory (univ. of Michigan)
Am I in Pi?
ASSMANN Electronic Home Page
Odnowa w Duchu Swietym przy par. sw. Michala

Deja News
DejaNews Usenet Search Service
CNI News Home Page + (local copy)
A Beginner's Guide to HTML (local copy direct)

To edit files: my HTML quide my home page my plans

  • Religion WWW pages:
    Papież i ewolucja
    Islamic Educational and Muslim Home School Resources [Main Entrance]
    Quran by Yusuf Ali (from an islam newsgropu)
    Chrystadelfianie (z pl.soc.religia)
    Buddyzm Tybetański,Dharma,Mahamudra,Dzogczen,Karmapa,Czime Rigdzin Rinpocze,Dalaj Lama,Tybet
  • Internet providers (PL):
    TP S.A. Serwer sieci TPNET
    NASK Home Page
  • Witamy w serwisie RUBIKON!
    Rubikon: Index of /netsklep
    WebCorp - studio
  • CETI (Internet provider): Home
    ksiazka telefoniczna GSM
  • reklama (metro-bip, ale malo czytelna ta ich informacja)
  • Software:
    coast directory
    forth directory contains pfe - portable forth (GNU license)
    ms2html v1.8
    Everywhere Access (telnetd)
  • Other links:
  • HORYZONT magazyn racjonalizm sceptycyzm ateizm
  • REASONS FOR HOPE (1 Pe 3,15)
  • /ports.html
  • Menu for /bar.map
  • To miejsce sieci poświęcone jest krzewieniu pozytywnych wartości duchowych.
  • ICM - Interdyscyplinarne Centrum Modelowania Matematycznego i Komputerowego
  • Polski SunSITE
  • SLCC Lynx Pages
  • The University of Kansas, Official Home Page
  • The University of Kansas, Official Home Page
  • kurs HTML-a
  • Pomoc....
  • Society
  • #1 on apparitions,miracles, visions, prophecies of the Virgin Mary
  • Polskich Zasobach Sieciowych"
  • Polskiej Stronie Ogonkowej
  • Telekomunikacji Polskiej S.A.
  • Informacje o free.polbox.pl
  • WhoWhere
  • Strona Biblijna PWT w Poznaniu
  • Strona Biblijna PWT w Poznaniu
  • Welcome to NovaStorŽ on the Web!
  • pub
  • W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
  • HTML 4.0 specification
  • The FDISK.COM DOS Internet Pages
  • DOWNLOAD IBM WebBoy for DOS Version 3.0 (30-day Demo version -
  • SPIN Documentation
  • How to get SPIN
  • Michal Trojnara
  • Serwis WWW ChSI
  • Internetowy Kurs Biblijny
  • The TMA macro assembler project. (GPL)
  • Howard W. Sams & Co. - info about hardware?
  • ProCite and Reference Manager, Bibliographic Software from Research Information Systems
  • Witryna PDi
  • Haunted House home page (David Lindauer)
  • "LAN Technical Reference: 802.2 and NetBIOS APIs" 4.0 via IBM BookManager BookServer
  • "LAN Technical Reference: 802.2 and NetBIOS APIs" CONTENTS via IBM BookManager BookServer
  • The Mutt E-Mail Client (source?)
  • Cigarette Smoking - o szkodliwosci palenia
  • Henry's Home Page
  • Infectious AIDS: Have We Been Misled?
  • Comments to Axel Boldt's AIDS pages
  • AIDS/HIV - Table of Contents - AEGIS (http://www.aegis.com/)
  • BASICS: HIV Infection and AIDS -- AEGIS
  • Medycyna i niepelnosprawnosc
  • Link to Windows 95 Assembly Language Programming
  • 'A critical analysis of the HIV-T4-cell-AIDS hypothesis'
  • The Replication Cycle of HIV-1
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • AIDS Knowledge Base (searchable)
  • HIV | InSite | Trial Search
  • Internet Grateful Med
  • Resources/Links (HIV InSite)
  • JAMA HIV/AIDS Information Center
  • The Replication Cycle of HIV-1 (CD4 reduced on infected cell surface)
  • HIV infection of CD4+ T cell results in increased DNA methylation, which deactivated gene of IFN-gamma production, resulting in reducing anti-viral immunity; also, many cells die few days after HIV infection (reason not clear: apoptosis? result of methylation?):
    MCB -- Mikovits et al. 18 (9): 5166 (HIV -> DNA methylation)
    [Medline] (ref 30 to above)
    [Medline] (ref 56 to above, quantitative an. T4 in HIV infection)
  • Institutions involved in HIV vaccine researches (except CDC):
    National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases
    Office of AIDS Research
    Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
    VaxGen (the only company having vaccine in phase 3 trial)
  • UNAIDS - The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
  • International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
  • Vaccine Key Topic (HIV InSite)
  • Structure of an HIV gp120 Envelope Glycoprotein in Complex With the CD4 Receptor and a Neutralizing Human Antibody [abstract, June 18 Nature. 1998;393:648-659] (c) AMA 1998 (HIV entry via CD4)
  • Special HIV/AIDS Theme Issue (JAMA)
  • Acute HIV Syndrome After Early Antiretroviral Therapy (Full Text)
  • JAMA HIV/AIDS Information Center - Library
  • PowerMax (PM OS - incomplete source)
  • Remove-List.com (put e-mail address on worldwide remove list)
  • ICM-coast(Simtel mirror)
  • ICM-simtelnet(Simtel mirror)
  • Index of /pub/novell/odi (on ICM)
  • PM OS (link and docs)
  • Programmers Tools (nice asm ides, Matt Gulden (aka Folter) -- mattg@thrillhaus.com, www.th...com/)
  • Assembler Laboratory (IDE for ASM programming)
  • Alab author (Kurt Inge Groenbech) home page
  • Norton Guide (program clone and interesting data)
  • networking (ftp.carnet.hr, NeOS - small and fast networking program)
  • list-greeting (anti-advertisement info)
  • Prywatne Liceum Sióstr Niepokalanek (i o ulanach jazlowieckich)
  • Anthony's Programming Page (ALINK - freeware linker)
    Gary's Encyclopedia - UPSes and SW
  • Soft-tronik Polska Sp. z o.o. - Oferta handlowa - Novell
  • STGroup Spółka Akcyjna (Soft-tronik home page)
  • SMC Networking Products: Contacting SMC
  • SMC: EtherPower II 10/100 (9432TX)
  • Index of /pf/DP/ (National Semiconductor chips)
  • SMSC: Documentation (SMC)
  • Cobalt Qube ogólnie (info jak zrobic serwera od M.Trojnary, ponoc niezawodna technologia)
  • Fabian's Coding Page - hardware programming info
  • OS Theory Page (HD structure, filesystem, FAT, memory, boot code)
  • How soon after infection will a person be infectious to others?(HIV)
  • Turnover and Clearance--David Ho (Nature Jan 12, 1995) (HIV-data on T1/2...)
  • POLMAX - sieci, turystyka, akcesoria gsm (link do Lantastic-a)
  • FORLANS Sp. z o.o. Home Page (Lantastic - 45 dni za darmo)
  • OvisLink home page (ethernet products)
  • Pomoc techn (Polmax - Lantastic config info)
  • Basic Science of HIV (really detailed)
    HIV-immune1.html, HIV-immune2.html
    HIV-genes.html, HIV-action.html
  • Home (of STD ADVISOR, monthly newsletter on STD-s, including HIV, HBV)
  • Wensonic International Poznan (LinkIt - sprzet sieciowy)
  • - ROGER - (proponuje konta e-mail 10MB 50zl jednorazowo)
  • 6BONE w Polsce (problem z konczeniem sie numerow IP)
  • National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project - NATAP - WELCOME - HIV - AIDS Treatment Information
  • Radmor s.a. - rowniez lacznosc dla komputerow?
  • ChSI-public (lista ewangelizacyjna - podala Ewa Ave)
  • PROGRAMISCI (szukanie pracy dla Magdy)
  • Top Jobs on the Net Polska - Internet Recruitment
  • Primary HIV Infection: Guides to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Mgmt (AIDS K.B.)
  • CDC news - AIDS Dissidents Wage Lonely Battle (CDC on Duesberg)
  • CDC news - Vaccine-Induced Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes Protect Against Retroviral Challenge } (sheeps can be vaccined against virus similar to HIV)
  • "Fact Sheets" from the San Francisco AIDS Foundation's website
  • HIV/AIDS Information on the JRI Health HIV InfoWeb: Comprehensive AIDS/HIV Information Sources (Fact Sheets)
  • HIV/AIDS Information on the JRI Health HIV InfoWeb: AIDS Magazine, Hot Topics, Current Events in AIDS, and Issues of Current Interest - HIV cleaned?
  • Research Letters: Absence of viral rebound after treatment of (=previous)
  • Classification, Staging, and Surveillance of HIV Disease
  • Dr Solomons - anti-virus utility (Caldera DOS)
  • Elvis - A text, source code and HTML editor for DOS.
  • Purchasing Caldera Products (OpenLinux, DR-DOS...)
  • Microsoft Windows NT 5.0 DDK Download
  • Microsoft Driver and Hardware Development
  • Index of /health/Library/ http://www.thriveonline.com/
  • Welcome to HP Customer Care! (search HP site for documents)
  • Eric Raymond's Home Page (Jargon file, Intercal, etc.)
  • Welcome to Lexmark! (printers - look Tech Support)
  • Strona Biblijna PWT w Poznaniu (default jest z ramkami)
  • JCI -- 102 (9): 1643 (Immunity against HIV - efficient, by CTL response)
  • JCI -- Abstracts: Rowland-Jones et al. 102 (9): 1758 (HIV-resistant people)
  • The Journal of Clinical Investigation (interesting articles on HIV)
  • strona Qrczaka (Klub Nieszkodliwych Manjakow; ciakawa)
  • ftp.microsoft.com (Softlib and maybe more...)
  • Thomas Scherrer Home of the Z80 CPU and more!!
  • Konferencja "Być mniejszością wyznaniową w Polsce" - pokaz nietolerancji innowiercow
  • Raport Cottrella (inf. od Swiadka Jehowy, ale tekst wyglada na autentyczny)
  • JVI -- Kent et al. 72 (12): 10180 (for HIV-1 vaccine)
  • Buddyzm (Budda Amithaba - koti.com.pl)
  • Rosenthal Engineering Award Winning Utilities (uninstall any package, resident before boot)
  • The Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications
  • Windows 98 and Windows NT 5.0 Driver Developers Kits (DDKs)
  • /pub directory (ftp.3com.com.pl)
  • /PUB/NIC directory (ftp.3com.com)
  • Strony Radia Maryja
  • calendar program (FreeBSD)
  • Intel Assembler 80186+ CodeTable (list of CPU instructions)
  • Index of /lists/religia (archiwum listy "religia" = pl.soc.religia?)
  • JRI AIDS info: How to Find It on the Internet - index
  • JRI AIDS info: /library/access/Find_Info/ - dir
  • Chess Program Sources (said to be better than GNU Chess)
  • Ask the Wizard (VMS info from Digital)
  • Vatican Admits On National Television That Extraterrestrial Contact Is Real
  • Segment Registers: Real mode vs. Protected mode
  • LADsoft home page (recommended by David Lidauer)
  • x86 systems level (PMODE) stuff (above)
  • Art Of Assembly Language (book, 140MB) ArtOfAsm.html
  • Reuse RKT: The Reuse RKT (info on many standard routines)
  • Spiewajmy dla naszego Boga. Piesni i piosenki chrzescijanskie.
  • Intel Secrets Monthly Edition -- December '98 (x86.org page)
  • On-line Intel Documentation (in the above: up to Pentium II Pro)
  • WebCrawler (WWW search and maybe some useful links)
  • Przeszukuj oferty pracy pracodawców z całej Polski
  • Nowy użytkownik (szukanie ofert pracy)
  • ADSO S.A. Home Page (Robert Halubek, Stasio Semczuk)
  • szukanie pracy dla Magdy (tu skonczylem)
  • WebJump - FREE Web Hosting! (names www.mydomain.com for std reg fee only!)
  • Wyznawanie grzechów - Warto 2/97
  • Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer: LZO real-time data compression library (nice decompression code!)
  • Transoft International Inc. (ATM simulator, protocol info?)
  • /pub/msdos/programming/specs directory (on x2ftp.oulu.fi)
  • UPS Home Page (they service book transport from LSL)
  • CLISP - Common (ANSI) Lisp home page
  • pl.comp.www - informacja o zasobach (HTML FAQ)
  • Kurs języka HTML - poradnik webmastera
  • "Dzisiejszy Eliasz" - lista dyskusyjna Sylwestra Szadyego
  • DOS w sieci, Internet 7/98 (Jaroslaw Rafa)
  • Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) Web Site
  • P.U.T. KOMA Sp z o.o. (Internet po kablowce)
  • Aster City - internet po kablach TV
  • Mod-Tap - kable do sieci, informacja o standardzie
  • CompInfo - TechConnect to Manufacturers' Online Support Services
  • HardwareHelp - linki do producentow
  • Compex, Inc. - Product Drivers
  • ECP Cable connections at the Electronics Zone of Den-O-Rama
  • The Art of Assembly Language Programming (on webster.ucr.edu)
  • Poronienia - informacje z Mateusza jak zapobiec
  • /downloads/pub/nics/fastethernet directory (SMC)
  • Math calculation info: sqrt/sin/con/tan
  • Reuse RKT: Image Transmission
  • Hackman's Official Homepage (disassembler/hex editor?)
  • The National Center for Biotechnology Information (medicine, health)
  • lpe - The Minimalist's Console Text Editor (C highlighting,...)
  • UPX Homepage (DOS/Win32/Linux executable compressor)
  • http://www.orbis.pl/hot_sol.html
  • "Vera" Hotel - Warszawa
  • "Solec" Hotel - Warszawa
  • Hotel Warszawa
  • "Holiday Inn" Hotel - Warszawa
  • Hotel "Gromada" - Warszawa (Wyglad pokoju)
  • Wotsit's (file) Format - the programmers resource
  • Caldera, DR-DOS README (ftp server)
  • The FDISK.COM DOS Internet Pages (TCP/IP collection: WWW and more...)
  • PhysTechSoft - russian dos (?)
  • Caldera Thin Clients, Inc. (DR-DOS, links...)
  • DR-DOS (Caldera, download(?) page)
  • Pliki do ściągnięcia (od ks. Arka Szczepanika: Biblia, Katechizm...)
  • Strona ks. Arkadiusza Szczepanika
  • Wirtualna Polska - Encyklopedia
  • Paka's Home Page [o Waldemarze Łysiaku]
  • Reuse RKT: Persistent data storage, databases (large collection)
  • Historical code archive: BASIC-52 8051 8052 SOL KIM Tiny BASIC
  • Hardware (interrupt info - Ralf Brown?)
  • Ralf Brown's Home Page
  • Junkbusters: Alert on Web Privacy (HTTP request tracking)
  • The Support Section (humor for these people)
  • What time is it? (US Naval Observatory Master Clock time)
  • Ruch Nowego -ycia - Campus Crusade 4 Christ - Poland
  • Biblia, czyli Pismo |wiete Starego i Nowego Testamentu (zadane wersety)
  • Buddyzm (strona Jaroslawa Wiernego)
  • Test Page for Red Hat Linux's Apache Installation (podroznik)
  • Index of /sklep (podroznik)
  • Test (772, podroznik)
  • christian occultism and magic in general (advised by Marcin Bilski)
  • religijnosc a sekty - ankieta do badan
  • Strona domowa badania dr Wiesława Ślósarza
  • W3 IQ Test - sprawdz swoja inteligencje! (ponoc kiepskie)
  • Freud (bez kozetki w/g Piotra Wielblada)
  • Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution (O'Reily)
  • O sektach itp. (ponoc katolicki ksiadz - salvatorianin?)
  • Flowers Photo Gallery (pictures - not for text mode)
  • AlphaNet - (e-mail, also free accounts, WWW, FTP)
  • Wolnosc (u roznych filozofow, Mirek Szczepaniak)
  • Nowy Testament - inf. o rozbieznosciach tlumaczen

    Od Jarka Zabielly (nie udalo sie polaczyc!):

  • Znaczenie Ewangelii / Sedno ewangelii w skrocie
  • Osobowość i Boskość Ducha Świętego (J.Zabiello)
  • Destrukcyjne sekty
  • Rodzina (ex Children of God)
  • Swiadkowie Jehowy
  • (SJ) Imie Boga
  • Katolicyzm
  • Answering Islam (ponoc argument z nauczania Mahometa i Koranu dowodzacy, ze chrzescijanstwo jest prawdziwe, a Islam nie)
  • CROSS+WORD Christian Resource: exposing endtimes deception. (about Toronto Blessing - info from Jaroslaw Zabiello)


  • Linux newsgroups: alt announce answers dev-apps dev-system misc hardware networking setup
    news.groups sdk redhat.misc redhat.rpm redhat.announce redhat.development dev.newbie dev.msdos dev.term dev.doc dev.config dev.c-programming apps.cdwrite in Polish fuw
    DosEmu(for Linux): about new site, v. 0.98.1 announce
  • DOSEMU Main Page (dosemu.org)
  • Mars+support (IPX/NCP networking for Linux, w/ DOS client)
  • genpowerd.rpm - obsluga UPS-a w Linux-ie (RedHat) (powerd jest do dumb-ow, do smart-ow APC jest smupsd, ponoc jakies informacje w LinuxPlus 1/98)
  • Linux SQL Databases and Tools
  • The Free Database List (in above)
  • SAL- Database Systems - Relational DBMS - Essentia (free 4 linux)
  • Informix on Linux Frequently Asked Questions With Answers (DB)
  • Caldera, Inc. home page (DR DOS, Linux distributions)
  • Slashdot:News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters. (Linux...)
  • LSL - The Price Busters! (sells Linux CD-s, RH 5.1 for $2)
  • Linux Central (sells Linux books/CD-s)
  • Linux na SunSITE.icm.edu.pl
  • rhmanual - RedHat Official Installation Guide
  • DOSEMU Stable Code (0.98.2 announced!)
  • /pub/linux directory on (linux.mathematik.tu-darmstadt.de)
  • Unix CD-Writer compatibility list
  • CD-Writing HOWTO (Linux)
  • connect - auto-PPP for Linux (modem in Linux server machine)
  • /public/ftp/pub/Linux/distributions (various Linux distributions, including <4MB RAM)
  • GramoFile Home Page (Gramophone records to CDs; GPL)
  • /pub/Linux/docs/HOWTO directory (official site)
  • Polska Strona Ogonkowa (czyli jak zrobic polskie litery)
  • RZ: Projects - X-CD-Roast (writing CD-ROM-s on Linux)
  • Ogonki a Debian (jak tlumaczyc Linux-wi co ma byc po polsku)
  • /Telnet/DOS/docs directory (NCSA Telnet doc dir)
  • Polska Strona Ogonkowa (mirror na ICM)
  • /pub/linux/ALPHA/dosemu directory (DosEmu dir on tsx-11)
    Index of /pub/Linux on sunsite.unc.edu
    Index of /pub/Linux on metalab.unc.edu
  • Wine Development HQ (Windows 3.1/95 Compatibility on e.g. Linux)
  • Index of /~krynos/wine (Wine compiled for Linux, e.g. RedHat)
  • CheapBytes Catalog and Ordering (Linux, FreeBSD,...)
  • Al Dev's Linux Home Page (10-minute Quick Start info)
  • Linux Knowledge Base
  • web pages by email, Linux in Russian, webmaker pgm (Russian?)
  • Linux Hamradio Applications and Utilities - home page
  • Linbot: Home (Website management tool, many useful features e.g. tracing broken links, mailing list, free)
  • Welcome to LTT : Linux Tips & Tricks
  • Linux Gazette Index Page
  • Linux Gazette WWW & FTP Mirror Sites
  • /pub/lg directory (Linux Gazette archive via FTP)
  • Al Dev's Linux Home Page (main site - 10-minute start...)
  • Linux Links (over 2000 links to Linux info sites)
  • Slackware Linux (official home page)
  • PIKT - Problem Informant/Killer Tool - for large net admin (allows one common Perl script for all machines in net)
  • LSL Packages (w/ prices and codes needed for order)
  • Yet Another Penguin... (info about Linux, PPP...)
  • Basic Linux Training - Main Index Page (3 online manuals)
  • http://computers.iwz.com/linux - l. faqs/tutorials, mirrored from:
  • http://jgo.local.net/LinuxGuide
  • http://www.turbolinux.com/ - TurboLinux (can download) home page
  • Index of /~efflandt/linux (PPP dial, also dial-in)
  • ISO (what it is ?) for RedHat 5.2 (to download)
  • The Linux Mall - Home Page (unexpensive Linux CD)
  • LIRC - Linux Infrared Remote Control
  • Linux Printing HOWTO (Grant Taylor)
  • PPA for the masses (HP Deskjet 710, 720, 820, 1000) (HP printers)
  • Un*x printer compatibility database listing (Grant Taylor)
  • The Linux Documentation Project: Homepage
  • The Linux Emporium - Home page (Linux CD-s in Eu)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Zimmermann (LREAD - read Linux partition)
  • Question Exchange (Linux, you can be a customer or expert)
  • Linux pinfo - view info/man pages (Przemek Borys)
  • (Linux) Hand README (can run screen appl. from batch?)
  • hand web page
  • Linux: Hans' Root over NFS HOWTO Page
  • Linux: bookmarker (Padraic Renaghan)
  • Caldera Systems Support & Services - OpenLinux 1.3 Update 022 (OpenDOS hdimage)
  • Setting up diald for Linux
  • Linux IP Masquerading (1999)
  • Linux IP Masquerade Resource
  • http://ipmasq.cjb.net/ - primary IP Masquerade Resource page
  • Dial-On-Demand HOWTO (29 Feb 97 ;-)
  • Diald mini HOWTO (1996)
  • IP-Masquerade mini HOWTO (10 Nov 97)
  • IP Masquerade HOWTO v1.65 (29 Mar 99)
  • LooseUDP patch (portfw) (23 Mar 99; for 2.0.36)
  • IP Masquerade mini HOWTO (7 Feb 99; for 2.2.x)
  • Linux IP Masquerade Resource (backup site)
  • an alternative way of dialing up
  • Masqdialer Server (new place of the above)
  • Port Forwarding - what it is, patches for 2.0.35/36
  • Linux IP Masquerade mini HOWTO (13 Apr 99)
  • Linux Dynamic IP Masquerade Script
  • Linux Network Address Translation
  • Linux SQL Databases and Tools
  • The dosemu HOWTO - new, for 0.98.6 (31 Apr! 1999)
  • whatfor.lsm - what a system file is for?
  • /pub/Linux na SunSite.ICM.edu.pl (ftp)
  • The One Page Linux Manual - A useful manual in PDF format for Linux users containing the most common commands plus useful tips.
  • DosEmu mirrored on sunsite.icm.edu.pl
  • Bochs Software Company - x86 PC Emulation Software ($25/machine, source available, for many machines)
  • Get DR DOS _FREE_ for DosEmu Users
  • Robert's Homepage (Terminal for DosEmu and other things)
  • how to be saved (by Woody Brison - LDS Church?)
  • The dosemu HOWTO - local copy
  • HomeSite (informacje dla lekarzy)
  • NOWINY - gazeta codzienna (Krakow, Podhale)
  • rekolekcje (ksiadz Zbigniew Pawel Maciejewski)
  • Thomas Scherrer Z80-Family Official Support Page
  • Programmer's File Editor Home Page (for ASM programmers?)
    (Win 3.1 / 98 / NT / 2000 - no plain DOS version?)
  • How To Get To CPL 0 under Windows 95
  • Myron Berg's Assembly Language organ program
  • Q-ball's Wonderworld (info and links for Linux)
  • Linux (from the above)
  • ABC chrześcijaństwa (ks. Cholewinskiego - protestant Paulos - taki "wojujacy antykatolik" - to pochwalil)
  • o kosciele w ktorym jest Wladek Gluza
  • Alarm dla nienawróconych - Joseph Alleine (od Paulosa)
  • Literatura Chrześcijańska (strona Paulosa)
  • Getting started with SSH (secure shell - rsh/rlogin replacement)
  • Yahoo! (intelligent WWW search engine)
  • Martin Stovers NetWare-Emulator MARS_NWE (home)
  • RPM resource mars-nwe (actual, bin)
  • DIE Netzwerk-Mailing-List: linux-net: mars-nwe on RHL
  • RPM resource mars-nwe (pl15-3, pl17-1, pl17-2 bin)
  • Index of /ftp/filesystems/mars_nwe (0.99.pl12 src)
  • zasób RPM mars-nwe (message?)0.99.pl6-3 bin
  • RPM resource mars-nwe (page w/ info about)(0.99pl15-7cl bin)
  • Index of /pub/unix/Mars/mars_nwe/doc/(0.99pl13)
  • Re: Possibilty of remote booting of diskless nodes on
  • Linux IPX-HOWTO: Configuring your Linux machine as an NCP
  • mars-nwe-0.99pl10-1.i386 RPM (page w/ info)
  • mars-nwe-0.99pl15-1.i386 RPM (page w/ info)
  • Strona DRUZUSA na friko-onet/ (mars_nwe 0.99pl14) dodatkowo pointer do ftp.gvdg.de (pl11, pl12, i inne programy: ipx, ipxripd, lwared-0.95, mars_dosutils-0.11, marsmail, ncpfs 2.0.11, 2.0.12, 2.1.1, 2.2.0, i stare wersje: mars od 0.95), klient DOS MS Net (Samba/Win95/98/NT)
  • Linux IPX-HOWTO: Some Frequently Asked Questions
  • mars_dosutils
  • MARS_NWE - Mark Stover's download page
  • Martin Stovers NetWare-Emulator MARS_NWE (select "inhalt")
  • Note: two ways to configure mars_nwe
  • rpm2html 1.2 (convert RPM to HTML?)
  • MicroSoft (Win NT Server 4.0 info)
  • GNU httptunnel (IP connection via HTTP to bypass firewall)
  • Welcome to Net-Lab (said to have HTTP tunneling, too)
  • Linux and the PCI Ethernet Chips
  • freshmeat.net - Linux (RedHat,Debian) hot news
  • Linux at CESDIS (Beowulf, Ethernet drivers/diagnosis)
  • Komputerki i okolice (Michal Trojnara o bezpieczenstwie)
  • The alt.2600/#hack FAQ (Section A: Computers)
  • Linux kernel patch from the Openwall Project (security)
  • Open Directory - Computers: Security
  • Welcome to Rootshell | Hosted by connectnet.com
  • Network Security Information: Intrusion Detection
  • TICM - Frequently Asked Questions (computer/net security)
  • Open Directory - Computers: Security: Hackers
  • Open Directory - Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Linux: Security
  • Linux Security Home Page.
  • Exploit world -- Linux section (known security weaknesses)
  • ar1zone - informacja o bezpieczenstwie/wlamaniach do komputerow
  • trojan web page (http://trojan.fs.com.pl/)
  • Psionic PortSentry - Real time port scan detection and response.
  • Psionic Software Systems - Security Papers
  • Psionic Software Systems (Abacus - security project - PortSentry, HostSentry, Security Papers)
  • SecureRoot Underground Search - qqq
  • Index of /FreeBSD/FreeBSD-stable/ports/security
  • Index of /ftp/fbsd/ports/ports/security
  • Whats New (JANET-CERT - Web Site Security)
  • Index of /pub/FreeBSD/FreeBSD-current/packages/security
  • Novell Glossary - Contents
  • Caldera Systems - Security Advisories
  • REDHAT.COM - The definitive online destination for the open source community.
  • whistleblowing: Government Accountability Project
  • Society and Culture > Issues and Causes > Whistleblowing
  • Whistleblower's Home Page, The
  • whistleblowing: U.S. Office of Special Counsel
  • National Whistleblower Center
  • Console telnet for Win32 (one of best for Linux access)
  • Linux Virtual Server Project
  • Linux: Welcome to the RPM repository on rpmfind.net
  • programming: Topics in Assembler
  • My (jt) bookmark file on japc50
  • sendmail.org: E-mail Addresses
  • linux/unix: SED FAQ - Frequently asked questions or "He Sed | She Sed"
  • Linux/unix: AVATAR DREAMWVR'S HOMEPLATE - The Console of Many - The Epicenter of Over 75 Subjects on the Web
  • Europe Online - The European Portal to the Internet - Homepage (Internet via satellite)
  • Linux: A Beginner's Guide to Passthrough Printing
  • Remote monitoring: Big Brother System and Network Monitor
  • Net interface abilities: The Tolly Group Home
  • Linux/network monitoring: mon- Service Monitoring Daemon
  • Networking: RFC 2317
  • Linux/net security: The Netfilter HomePage
  • Info about Spencer Low (fast database sort winner)
  • Unix/Linux socket programming: Spencer's Socket Site
  • Linux: The MAVERIK Micro kernel
  • TUCOLS - The Ultimate Collection of Linux Software
  • TuDols: The Ultimate Directory Of Linux Software
  • Linux: The Universal Menu System: GPL Project
  • Linux: Software Map (Yahoo! - Computers and Internet...)
  • Wong's HOWTO (W95 boot): Etherboot: Etherboot home page
  • Wong's HOWTO (W95 boot): debian-user May 98
  • Wong's HOWTO (W95 boot): Mail Index
  • Wong's HOWTO (W95 boot): No Title
  • (same): No Title
  • Wong's HOWTO (W95 boot): No Title
  • Wong's HOWTO (W95 boot): Taking You There Now!
  • Wong's HOWTO (W95 boot): Taking You There Now!
  • Wong's HOWTO (W95 boot): No Title
  • Wong's HOWTO (W95 boot): No Title
  • (same): No Title
  • (same): No Title
  • (same): No Title
  • Wong's HOWTO (W95 boot): Taking You There Now!
  • Wong's HOWTO (W95 boot): Taking You There Now!
  • Linux/mail: qmail - mirror selection page
  • GNU General Public License - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
  • oskit: gzip'ed Postscript version
  • oskit: complete html
  • oskit: 45 example toy kernels
  • oskit: Snapshot 990722
  • oskit: Snapshot 1999-11-24
  • oskit: announced 1999-Nov-24
  • oskit: The OSKit - Home Page (which few links above are from)
  • Motorola
  • Unix (Linux) specifications: longjmp
  • Net boot: Multiboot Standard
  • Network performance test: The Public Netperf Homepage
  • Network performance test: Traffic Generators
  • Linux/boot: thinguin.org (tulip clone driver for Etherboot)
  • Linux load balance S/W (ftp.xgforce.com)
  • Linux Virtual Server Project (told to include the above)
  • AltaVista Translations (Enlish <-> French Germany Italian Portuguese Spanish)
  • Linux: Raw IP Networking FAQ
  • Compaq.com - Servers - Support
  • Samsung Home page : Welcome to Samsung
  • AMD - On-line Products Catalog (search by device number)
  • Intel(R) Flash Memory-Datasheets
  • Intel(R) Boot Block Flash Memory Support
  • Welcome to HITACHI
  • Linux Terminal Server Project
  • Phoenix Technologies Ltd. - PC User Support (BIOS)
  • +Leymann +PTSD +psych*: Global Allies . . . in the Campaign Against Workplace Bullying
  • Ralf Brown's Files
  • LinuxTV.org
  • EZFAQ Site Table of Contents (ezmlm - mail server)
  • qmail mirror selection (qmail - mail transport agent)
  • San Jose Palm/PC Development Group (Team2000 - program examples)
  • Linux, etc.: Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
  • Linux, etc.: The Apache Software Foundation
  • 3Com: Desktop and Server Network Interface Cards Product Page
  • 3Com | Home
  • Linux Remote-Boot mini-HOWTO: Configuring Remote-Boot Workstations with Linux, DOS, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT
  • Linux/IP: Enabling High Performance Data Transfers
  • TCP: Satellite Networks & Architectures Branch
  • Network Boot: Creating a win95 boot disk
  • McDowell - Dawacze, bracze i inne rodzaje kochaczy (RNZ)
  • Rabbi pushes emotional intimacy in new book on dating
  • UUNET USA: UUNET - Use Policy
  • Linux?: LFTP - reliable ftp client
  • THE RABBI AND I (http://www.equalsouls.org)
  • Index of /zakaz (ZOZ w Hajnowce)
  • UFO Analyse (m.i. "prof. Pajak")
  • Index of /trylogia (sienkiewiczowska)
  • Tygodnik Podhalański - Gazeta Podhala, Spisza i Orawy
  • OBGYN.net Women's Health Conditions & Procedures
  • Ministerstwo Zdrowia
  • Mazowiecka Regionalna Kasa Chorych
  • Polski Informator Medyczny
  • Drzewo deskryptorów [MEDYCYNA WETERYNARYJNA]
  • AltaVista Search
  • Drzewa deskryptorów (pk.edu.pl)
  • Projekt Tezaurus/UKD: wyszukiwanie danych
  • Biblioteka Politechniki Krakowskiej
  • QDnet Internet Service Provider
  • Katechizm Kościoła Katolickiego
  • Dom Wydawniczy ABC (maja internetowy serwis prawniczy pod "Serwis" - wszystko co jest w dziennikach ustaw od 1996)
  • VIGO SYSTEM LTD. (powloki optyczne, selektywne lustra,...)
  • U.S. Dietary Guidelines
  • willem.org (how to build Eprom Programmer and more)
  • Prószyński i S-ka (wydawnictwo, kawiarnia naukowa)
  • news.usenet.pl - FAQs (m.in. zasady net-etykiety)
  • strona Marka <mrb@pl-net.pl> (lista "religia")
  • NIOSH Topic Index
  • NIOSH/ topic index /Stress
  • Dobra Nowina (ks. Alfred Cholewinski SJ(
  • 7000 dowcipow, HUMOR, przeszukiwarki, TIPs and TRICKs, porady do Windows 95,98,2000 opryskiwacze Marolex
  • Marolex: manufacturer of garden, pressurized sprayers.
  • Linux Remote-Boot mini-HOWTO: Configuring Remote-Boot Workstations with Linux, DOS, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT
  • Windows 95 server-based setup (old version)
  • Gazeta Wyborcza - teksty o przepisach podatkowych
  • IDEA zeby miec Idee
  • Wydawnictwo M on-line
  • RUBIKON - http://rubikon.pl
  • "Integrator" Biuletyn Solidex Ltd. nr 1/94 (1) (Cisco 2500)
  • ClarioNET Web Deployment Software
  • Clarion (just here a link only)
  • Polska Grupa Użytkowników Clariona
  • Pracuj.pl
  • Pracuj.pl (Netscape)
  • Welcome to Compex
  • COMPEX - Drivers and Documentation
  • Jerzy Tarasiuk's Linux page (on zfja-gate)
  • SMC Drivers, Manuals and Data Sheets
  • linux-c-programming (mail archive)
  • linux-misc (mail archive - seems digests only)
  • linux-networking (mail archive - digests)
  • linux-development-apps (mail archive - digests)
  • linux-development-sys (mail archive - digests)
  • Jerzy Tarasiuk's Linux page (on zfja-gate)
  • TP SA Serwer sieci TPNET: Dostęp komutowany
  • Hare Kryszna - Bhagavad-gita - Slowo wstepne
  • a.y.m. - domowa strona sevy - hare kryszna - bhagavad-gita