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Welcome to the CNI News home page. CNI stands for Contact with Non-human Intelligence. CNI News presents up-to-the-minute information and historical perspective on UFO events, claims of human-alien contact, space exploration and related subjects, as well as reflections on the cultural and political impacts of contact with other life in the universe.

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Whether you're serious or just curious, you'll find our searchable news archive to be one of the most valuable features of this site. More than 900 individual news stories can now be accessed here, using keywords of your choice. New stories are added often -- most recently on January 27, 1998 -- covering all aspects of UFOs, alien encounters, NASA discoveries, and related unusual topics from Bigfoot and Chupacabras to Cloning, Remote Viewing and Warp Drive.

Close encounters with unidentified flying objects and claims of contact with "alien" beings are among the most widely reported anomalous phenomena in the world today. This gallery offers illustrated information on some of the best-documented cases, plus an annotated bibliography and Hot Links to many other UFO information sites.

Here's a selection of special features on many aspects of CNI, including controversial alien photos, angel stories, Bigfoot sightings, the Hale-Bopp controversy, plus Headline Reviews for 1996 and 1997, and more.

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