Lynx FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I use the keyboard to...(Lynx keystroke commands)
How do I change the screen so...(Lynx screen customization)
How do I start up Lynx so that...(Lynx command line switches)
I'm having trouble using Lynx to...(Troubleshooting Lynx)
I want to install Lynx on...(Installation information)
How do I write HTML for Lynx?(Lynx-friendly HTML code)
Is it possible for Lynx to...(Tips and tricks)
What is the meaning of...(Glossary)
Can I use Lynx with application...(Helper apps / MIME types)
What else can Lynx do?(Features unique to Lynx)
Who uses Lynx?
Where do I get the newest Lynx?(Upgrade to version 2.7.1)
Who writes the code for Lynx?

Answer all of my questions at once! (Entire FAQ in one file)

Tar file of all FAQ files
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