The program is to send all keycodes in a way DosEmu
understands it exactly as DOS on local PC would. Full archive
containing current and previous version: tkb-all.arj.gz.
It is gzipped because: 1. lynx interpretes .arj file as text;
(seems lynx doesn't know .arj files are binary ones... a pity)
2. gzip made it significantly smaller (why??? compressed file?).

If you want most actual files only, get tkb-act.arj.gz.
There are actual sources and executable in it.

And, since someone asked how to use it: it was written for use
with a variation of NCSA Telnet (TELBIN.EXE), which needs
CONFIGTEL environment variable to be set, so it must be set,
the TKB checks it; then the TKB can be invoked, and its args
should be just a command to invoke the Telnet, like:
	TKB TELBIN [telbin options] host
(the TELBIN: go to Polskie znaki w programie CU TCP telbin
and download "Zmodyfikowane binaria" - it is telnet adapted
for 8-bit data and conversion of Polish national chars).

Note on video: TKB uses INT 10h function 0F00h to get video
mode, 1111h to set 28 lines, 1114h to restore 25 lines, and
finally AL value from the first f. to restore video mode
(I found it is best in case I use it on VGA in mono mode).
If it does not work in your case, change TKBS.C and compile.

	Jerzy Tarasiuk