Helium cryostat KONTI Micro

A continuos flow cryostat is a scientific device that can cool a sample down to very low temperature.

The KONTI - Mikro cryostat - a donation from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation - is capable to reach as low as 3.5 K (-269oC). It serves for investigation of nanometric-size, low dimensional semiconductor structures like quantum wells (QW) and quantum dots (QD). At very low temperature, atoms and electrons go slowly, collisions between them are not so frequent and physicists can very precisely measure some details like excitation of electrons, a structure of quantum states, emission of light etc.

The KONTI - Mikro cryostat have some additional features. It can stabilise any temperature between 3,5K (-269oC) and 325K(+52oC) with stability better then 0,1 K. However, the most important is that due to a special design the sample can be placed very closely to a window (1 mm) and a sample stage is very stable. In most of cryostats a sample is placed deep inside the cryostat (it is best for cooling). Moreover in popular cryostats due to shrinking of metal parts in low temperature, sample stage can move even few millimetres. However, any measurement in a micrometer scale needs high stability and short objective-to-sample distances. Therefore, the special design of the Konti-cryostat makes it an irreplaceable tool for measurements under a microscope.

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