Katarzyna Krajewska

Assistant Professor

Institute of Theoretical Physics
University of Warsaw
ul. Hoza 69, 00-681 Warszawa, Poland

phone: +48-22-5532313
fax: +48-22-6219475
e-mail: kkraj@fuw.edu.pl
Research Theoretical atomic physics is my primary research interest, and my work currently focuses on treatments for an ultra-strong laser field interaction with atoms, molecules and ions.
One of my recent projects focuses on studies of multiphoton processes that are not only stimulated but might be also manipulated by the laser field (leading, for instance, to enhancement of above-threshold ionization or high-order harmonic generation spectra). Another project centers around quantum electrodynamics. With recently available ultra-strong free-electron lasers it is possible, for instance, to produce in a laboratory electron-positron pairs. I study theoretically creation of such pairs in collisions of a laser beam of relativistic power with a beam of heavy ions. My interests extend to low-dimensional systems whose properties, as my study shows, might be strongly modified by the presence of external (both static and time-dependent) electromagnetic fields.
The key question behind these projects is: How to control quantum processes with an external electromagnetic field?

Warszawa, August 2012