Summer Haven Symposium

Organised and hosted at the Laboratory of Experimental Metaphysics, 7.6.17-17.7.17

Под тонким льдом стекла
Бездонны зеркала
Восточный блеск играет каждой гранью
Все говорит в тиши
На языке души
Единственном, достойном пониманья

-- Приглашение к путешествию, Ш.Бодлер (пер. И.Озеровой)*

(...) noting, experiencing and grabbing/getting-soaked-by/gratefulling/.../appreciating! countless details of visual reality, all in crisp-detail, all without judgement, all with full knowledge (here "knowledge" as the same as feeling; "z pełną świadomością" ["with full consciousness"- RPK]) that each stimuli is unique, once-in-universetime, and as a spark flighting in the air, will be gone in seconds (even if its memory persists for minutes, hours, my lifetime... or will be archived by Google as I write it right now); or more like some wave, ripple, in a stream - it will flow with others, change and disappear, yet in some way influencing everything in an subtle yet unavoidable way.

In both cases it was obvious that the richness (or rather: plentifulness, diversity) of my experience is non-transmittable to others, as I would need to encode it in words. And even for me, long before I am gone, most of states will be forgotten, or even if not forgotten per se - then never went back to (<- I don't care to fix things after " - ", I guess you know what I mean). Some of mental states are, again, like these waves, ripples - soon to be gone, but worth to experience.


Quality of action
Non-judging ourselves or our experiences (and finding delight also in "unpleasant" things)
Flowing in the trip, assisted or not


-- fragments of "Summer Haven 3.0 trip report" by Piotr Migdał


   Two nymphs

     (Summer haven 3.0, 22.VI.2017)


   Cavalier of the loci

     (Summer haven 4.0, 29.VI.2017)


   Hyperdimensional meditation

     (Summer haven 6.2, 17.VII.2017)


List of symposia:

SH/LP's n.0 were multi-personal, while n.m for m≠0 were 1:1. After SH/LP 6.2 the first stage of the project was closed, and SH/LP++ ≥7.0 project started, focused on the individual meetings only. Menus above are incomplete, and feature mostly the part of food prepared by U.B. Graphics above are (cc-by sa 3.0) by Ryszard Paweł Kostecki, 2017.

Namaste to everyone who contributed with the participativeness of her/his here & now.

* Les riches plafonds
Les miroirs profonds
La splendeur orientale
Tout y parlerait
À l'âme en secret
Sa douce langue natale

-- Ch.Baudelaire, L'invitation au voyage