Graduate's thesis defence

No.Graduate's Name & SurnameTitle of ThesisPromoterDefence date
01mgr Maciej LisickiEvanescent wave dynamic light scattering by optically anisotropic Brownian particlesprof. dr hab. Bogdan Cichocki2015-09-11
02mgr Abdur RehmanStrong interaction corrections to the weak radiative B-meson decay at order O (?_s^2) with exact dependence on the c-quark massprof. dr hab. Mikołaj Misiak2015-09-01
03mgr Tomasz WasakCollisional properties and many body effects in ultracold systems. Quantum interferometryprof. dr hab. Marek Trippenbach; promotor pomocniczy – dr Jan Chwedeńczuk2015-06-17
04mgr Krzysztof Jachymski>Quantum control of collisional properties of ultracold atoms and moleculesdr hab. Zbigniew Idziaszek 2015-06-11
05mgr Marcin Kisielowski>Spin-foam dynamics of Loop Quantum Gravity statesprof. dr hab. Jerzy Lewandowski 2015-06-01
06mgr Johannes Binder>Carbon based nanostructures for detectors and biosensorsdr hab. Andrzej Wysmołek, prof. UW; promotor pomocniczy: dr Marta Borysiewicz2015-05-11
07mgr Jacek Puchta>Applications of the spin networks and spin foam models in quantum gravityprof. dr hab. Jerzy Lewandowski2015-04-20
08mgr Aleksandra Drozd>Multi-Component Dark Matter and Extensions of the Standard Model Scalar Sectorprof. dr hab. Bohdan Grządkowski 2015-01-07
09mgr Piotr Szańkowski>Quantum coherence and correlations in cold atom systemsprof. dr hab. Marek Trippenbach; promotor pomocniczy: dr Jan Chwedeńczuk2015-01-07
10mgr Maciej Molas>Multiexcitons in semiconductor quantum dotsdr hab. Adam Babiński, prof. UW; prof. Marek Potemski2014-11-14
11mgr Marcin Napiórkowski>Excitation spectrum and quasiparticles in quantum gases. A rigorous dr hab. Jan Dereziński2014-09-12
12mgr Ignas Grigelionis>Terahertz magnetospectroscopy of high electron mobility CdTe/CdMgTe quantum wells.dr hab. Jerzy Łusakowski, prof. UW2015-10-19
13mgr Tomasz Trześniewski>Three-dimensional gravity and deformations of relativistic symmetries.Prof. Glikman - Kowalski2015-10-27
14Mgr Iskrzyński Mateusz>Yukawa matrix unification in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model.Prof. Mikołaj Misiak2015-11-05
15Mgr Aqeel Ahmed>Scalar fields within warped dr hab. Bohdan Grządkowski2015-11-26
16Mgr Dominika Ziółkowska>Physical Investigations of Nanomaterials for lithium-ion batteries.dr hab. Krzysztof Korona2015-12-07
17Mgr Malwina Strenkowska>Modyfikowane nukleotydy jako narzędzia do otrzymywania terapeutycznych mRNA: synteza, właściwości oraz przykładowe zastosowania.dr hab. Jacek Jemielity, prof. UW2015-12-10

Midterm conference

All the students and supervisors are kindly invited to participate in the Midterm meeting with experts from Foundation for Polish Science.

The meeting will take place on April 14th, in the IPI PAN building, at Jana Kazimierza 5. See attachment for the agenda of the meeting.

Click here to view the agenda of the meeting.

Some info regarding organization

As of May 2012, two of the MPD programs at the Department of Physics University of Warsaw were united and are treated as one. They are also administered as one program. Information about changes arising from this merge will be announced at the first seminar that will be held on 2nd October 2012 in the SST room. The seminar wil begin at 15.00.

All news for students, regarding this project will appear here, so please check this page on the regular basis.

Seeing as now we have a new e-mail address, please send information about your new publications to in this format:

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New site layout and project's e-mail address

As You might have noticed he have now a new site running for our MPD Project. Along with the site there is also a new e-mail address that's dedicatet to this project - All inforlmation about your publications and regarding the MPD project should be sent on that address. If anyone would notice any problems with the site's functionality we would ask to inform us by using the before mentioned e-mail address.

And once again we remind that all authors should add: "This work was supported by the Foundation for Polish Science International PhD Projects Programme co-financed by the EU European Regional Development Fund." in the acknowledgments section of thier article.