the homepage of Wlodzimierz Natorf

e-mail: <3 first letters of my second name, lowercase>

main interests:

women, climbing, cycling,
running, watching old movies,
reading, playing guitar & bass, listening to old music (metal & classical).

other interests:

classical General Relativity,
gravitational radiation,
exact Einstein metrics,
Cauchy-Riemann structures,

since Sept. 2012

I used to teach IB1 Physics and Math Pre IB classes at 1st SLO `Rasz' (2012/13), and a year later I was a teacher in my former high school (V LO/Poniatowka). Having survived this experience (difficult for both sides!) I worked for one year at the Institute Of Plasma Physics And Laser Microsynthesis in Warsaw, mainly as a programmer, I guess; and since I was totally pi**ed-off by bureaucratic keyboard & mouse overuse that I had to suffer with, when I learned enough of new Fortran, I have launched a totally unofficial obertecxy project which I'm working on now (Aug. 2015) as a volunteer. I also wrote an interface to ancient demo_prof and demo_prof_real variations of old EPIT stuff which is described on the same page.
Update (early 2017): the code is over half-done, but since I have become a (part time) bicycle messenger, I have no time to work on it now, going here and there around the city for up to 13hrs/day. I wonder if it will be of any use whe it's finally done, i.e. which will die first: this thing or Tecxy/Corediv; the latter sometimes being misspelled as "Coreldraw"...

2018: I am learning c++ now, and trying to finish some fortran-related stuff.

My pre-PhD dreams of having some real and literally physical job evolved to my second source of income: fixing, set-up (or up-setting), scratching, painting and otherwise restyling those old pieces of wood with strings and LRC-circuits, known most commonly as electric guitars and basses.

list of papers from the previous era (2003-2011)

  1. "Asymptotic stability of vaccuum twisting type II metrics" J. Math. Phys. 53 022503 (2012), [1202.5157]
    Somewhere in the interior of the future light cone of this moment, I would love to have enough both time and brains (and money, to have some free time) to extend this result and be able to say something about global structure of Petrov type II space-times with twist—something in the spirit of Singleton's and/or Chru¶ciels's analysis from the beginning of the 1990s, most probably in the hypoelliptic rathen than elliptic world. Or, at least, I would love to see this work done by someone wise enough—wiser than myself, most probably, sigh...
  2. "Past horizons in twisting algebraically special space-times", J. Math. Phys. 51, 122501 (2010)
  3. co-author: J. Tafel, "Horizons in Robinson-Trautman space-times", Class. Quantum Grav. 25, 195012 (2008), [0805.3978]
  4. co-author: J. Tafel, "Symmetries of the Robinson-Trautman equation", J. Math. Phys. 47, 102504 (2006), [gr-qc/0606013]
  5. "Kerr-Schild metrics and gravitational radiation", Gen. Rel. Grav. 37, 1719 (2005), [gr-qc/0412016]
  6. co-author: J. Tafel, "Asymptotic flatness and algebraically special metrics", Class. Quantum Grav. 21, 5397 (2004)

I'm not f'd. Dislike!