Pawel Przewlocki professionally
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I was born 18.04.1977 in Warsaw.
I am a free man.

This is

the dark side of the moon. You are invited to see the bright one too.


  • Programming: C/C++ (Visual Studio), Object Pascal (Delphi), Fortran77, PHP, also JavaScript, Perl, C#, Java
  • Administration: Microsoft Windows (98, 200, XP), Linux (RedHat, Fedora); Apache WebServer, MySQL database
  • Web design: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Homesite, TopStyle, ezHTML, etc.
  • Physics software: PAW, Root; simulation packages: Fluka, GEANT4, Nuance, NUX
  • Sociological analysis software: SPSS

Edytor Znaczników HTML (ezHTML)

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