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Piotr Traczyk

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Various pictures from climbing and mountain trips

Dziurki Wolfa. Concrete boulder in the Janówek bunkers near Warsaw.In the french Alps. Shamelessly pretending to be climbing (just above the trail).Summer 2005. Jura Mountains, more or less in the Cret de la Neige (1720 m) region.
Autumn, 2004. Myself and I, Roztoka Valley (Tatra Mountains).Summer 2005. Climbing the 11 meter chimney over Żleb Kulczyńskiego (Tatra Mountains), followed by my brother Jaś.Summer 2005 - me with my wife on Kopa Kondracka (2005 m) in the Tatra Mountains. Świnica (2301 m) dominates the background landscape.Summer 2006, Tatra Mountains. On the summit of Świnica (2301 m).
Summer 2006, Tatra Mountains. Morskie Oko lake, with Krzysztof Tańczyn.
Summer 2006, Tatra Mountains. On the summit of Kazalnica (2159 m).
Cheating the final part of the route. Zegarowa, Rzędkowice - Poland.

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