I work in high energy particle physics. My research field can be broadly described as  
physics beyond the Standard Model. Most often, I struggle with models of electroweak symmetry breaking and their predictions for the LHC experiment. To learn more,
see my articles at  SPIRES.

Permanent place:
Institute of Theoretical Physics, ul. Hoza 69, PL-00-681 Warsaw
See the particle physics group webpage

Current place:
CERN Theory Group, CH-1211, Geneva 23, Switzerland  
See the new shiny theory group webpage. To contact me, have look in the directory 

Files 4U

Master of Science Thesis:   Five-Dimensional Locally Supersymmetric Theories with Branes
Ph.D Thesis:  Deconstruction

Private notes:
WARNING: may contain typos, stupid mistakes, outrageous statements, personal insults and indecent language)
- Holographic Goldstone Boson
; notes written during a preparation of  the paper About the holographic pseudo-Goldstone boson, hep-ph/0610336
-Precision Observables in Warped Backgrounds; notes around Electroweak observables in a general 5D background, hep-ph/0702234
- Gluon fusion production of pseudo-goldstone higgs ; notes around arXiv:0711.0828

- KK parity in warped extra dimenisons ; notes around arXiv:0711.0828


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