Other useful information

  • In Poland Automatic Teller Machines are widely used. In Warsaw (and at the airport) it is rather easy to find them and they accept: VISA/Mastercard/Eurocard/Cirrus/Maestro. The cards are also accepted in all major shops, restaurants and hotels. However we advise to be careful in shops as there were cases of card skimming (copying) reported. Probably not more common than in the rest of Europe but they are more likely to happen to foreigners.
  • Public Phones: special cards needed. With magnetic stripe (all phones) and with chip (only silver phones). High rates 8:00-18:00, middle 18:00-22:00, low 22:00-8:00. GSM 900/1800 is availaible in the whole Warsaw area. Ask your GSM operator for roaming details.
  • Suggestions for lunch (J. Pliszka's review)
    All restaurants are near Hoza 69 (in the B2 on the map) unless stated otherwise (1 US$ = 4.1 zl).
    • 20 - 30 zl:
      1. Patio - restaurant in the underground crossing Al. Jerozolimskie/Chalubinskiego
      2. Pizza Casa Mia, Poznanska near Jerozolimskie
    • 10 - 20 zl:
      1. restaurant Pod Kotwica - Chalubinskiego 4
      2. restaurant in the Elektrim skycraper - corner of Wspolna and Chalubinskiego - standard Polish
      3. Asia Food (take away): Poznanska near Koszykowa
      4. Aisha - Libyan bar: Wspolna, near Poznanska
    • < 10 zl:
      1. bar in the faculty building
      2. small Chinese and Turkish bars/kiosks all over the city e.g. under the ground Koszykowa/Noakowskiego, opposite the British Council (Al. Jerozolimskie near Poznanska)
      3. McDonalds under the ground on the crossing of Al Jerozolimskie/Chalubinskiego near the Railway station/Marriott
      4. Pizza Hut/KFC on the corner of Marszalkowska and Al. Jerozolimskie, behind the round bank building
    • Sandwiches:
      1. Subway: Nowy Swiat near Zurawia
      2. Picnic: Marszalkowska near Hoza
      3. Oscar: under the ground on the crossing Al Jerozolimskie/Chalubinskiego near the Railway station/Marriott, under the ground on the crossing of Al. Jerozolimskie and Marszalkowska
      4. A-Petit: under the ground on the crossing of Al. Jerozolimskie and Marszalkowska
      5. Aisha - Libyan bar, Wspolna near Poznanska: kebabs
  • Cafeterias
    1. Antykwariat Cafe, Zurawia 45, Mon. - Sun. 10:00 - 22:00
    2. Radio Cafe, Nowogrodzka 56, Mon. - Sun. 8:30 - 22:00
    3. Vienna Cafe, Jerozolimskie 64/79 (Marriott) - Mon. - Sun. 8:00 - 22:00
    4. Mala czarna, Hoza (before Marszalkowska)
    5. Cafe 2000, Hoza (behind Marszalkowska)
  • Suggestions for dinner
    One can have dinner in any hotel restaurant (incl. Hera), in a number of restaurants in the Old and New Town (Bazyliszek,...)
    - see Warsaw in Your Pocket or Warsaw-life.
    Polish cookery
  • Bookstores with maps and guides
    1. Bookstore with maps/guides on the main railway station, enter the underground pass near Marriott which is closer to Poznanska street, go straight, the store is on the right before the platforms start
    2. Bookstore with guides/maps (under the ground on the crossing of Al Jerozolimskie/Chalubinskiego near the Railway station/Marriott)
    3. EMPiK stores: Galeria Centrum (Marszalkowska between Al. Jerozolimskie and Swietokrzyska), corner of Al. Jerozolimskie and Nowy Swiat
    We recommend a beautiful guide in the "Eyewitness guide" series by "Wiedza i Zycie" publisher, there is both "Poland" and "Warsaw" in English, easiest to find in EMPiK stores (3).
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