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The code HFBRAD (v1.00) which we introduced in this paper allows for a very rapid determination of self-consistent spherical ground states of nuclei. It treats the pairing correlations within the HFB method and implements the regularization of the divergent part of the pairing energy, and hence is a perfect tool to study nuclei near drip lines.

Realistic calculations must, of course, take into account the effects of the deformation, and the codes that are able to perform such tasks have also been published in Refs. [1,2]. However, deformed calculations are generally much more time consuming and solutions within spherical symmetry will always remain very useful, not only for test purposes, but also whenever results for many different values of input parameters are called for. This later aspect becomes essential when fitting of the force parameters has to be performed, which will constitute the main future application of the present code.

Jacek Dobaczewski 2005-01-23