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Rotational properties of neutron drip-line nuclei

W. Nazarewicz,1-3 J. Dobaczewski,3,4M. Matev,1 S. Mizutori,4 and W. Satu\la3,4

1Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996
2Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831
3Institute of Theoretical Physics, Warsaw University
ul. Hoza 69, PL-00681 Warsaw, Poland
4Joint Institute for Heavy-Ion Research, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831

May 17, 2001


We know very little about the structure of neutron-rich, weakly bound nuclei. We know even less about the way they rotate. In this work, the high-spin behavior of deformed neutron-rich nuclei is studied. In particular, quasi-particle Routhian spectra of heavy Er isotopes are discussed within the deformed shell model, and rotational properties and isovector shape deformations of heavy Ne and Mg isotopes are studied with the self-consistent cranked Skyrme-Hartree-Fock theory.


Jacek Dobaczewski