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Dr. Hab. Andrzej Dragan
Assistant Professor
University of Warsaw

Visiting Professor
National University of Singapore

Institute of Theoretical Physics
University of Warsaw
Pasteura 5, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland

E: dragan(:-)
T: +48.22.5532926
F: +48.22.6219475
Office: 5.26

About my research
My research combines the most intriguing aspects of the quantum information theory with the most fascinating features of relativity. I am studying the influence of black holes and other relativistic phenomena onto the quantum aspects of reality such as entanglement and its nonlocality. Since no unique quantum theory of gravity is known, the present stage of our knowledge resembles early years of the quantum theory, even before the discovery of the Schroedinger equation, when semi-classical approaches, such as Bohr's model of an atom were studied. However embedding the quantum field theory on curved spacetimes, which is considered to be a flawed, semi-classical treatment, has already fruited in the discovery of many fascinating effects, of which, probably the most well-known is the Hawking radiation of black holes. Hawking's finding immediately lead to the discovery of the Unruh effect showing that the vacuum of any quantum field observed from a non-inertial frame of reference is full of entangled particles. It is probably not very difficult to realize, why this fascinating new field attracts more and more people from various disciplines of physics.
I am the author of a popular textbook on special relativity that is freely available in Polish: Niezwykle Szczegolna Teoria Wzglednosci (Unusually Special Relativity), as well as an elementary handbook on quantum mechanics: Kwantechizm (Quantechism).

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Join my Relativistic Quantum Information group
If you are a student interested in working on relativistic quantum information in collaboration with me and the world leading scientists of this new field, please check up my research projects (advanced) and suggested undergraduade topics. I am the Council Member of the International Society for Relativistic Quantum Information. The (past and present) members of my group include:

dr Agata Checinska (former member)
dr Mehdi Ahmadi (former member)
dr Roberto Pierini
dr Zehua Tian
mgr Krzysztof Lorek (PhD student)
mgr Filip Kialka (former MSc student)
mgr Kacper Kozdon (former MSc student)
mgr Piotr Grochowski (former MSc student)
Grzegorz Rajchel (MSc student)
Kacper Debski (MSc student)

Listen to my talk on quantum physics.