Exact Results in Quantum Theory & Gravity

Ścisłe rezultaty teorii kwantów i grawitacji


prof. dr hab. Jan Dereziński, prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Meissner
dr Wojciech Kamiński, dr Grzegorz Łach
Pasteura 5, room 1.03, Fridays 14:15 - < 16:00

Friday, 06.04.2018
Mateusz Szczygieł
will give a talk
Representations of SL(2,R)

My talk will focus on the theory of classical representations of SL(2,R). First I will present the representations of Lie algebra sl(2,R). Then I will present a transition from the representation of Lie algebra to the representation of Lie group, discussing possible problems in this procedure. This requires a brief discussion on the representations of universal cover of SL(2,R). With the knowledge of the action of Lie algebra representations I will derive conditions for the unitarity of SL(2,R) representations. At the end of my talk I will summarize the series of unitary representations of SL(2,R).

Katarzyna Budzik
will give a talk
Unitary representations of the universal cover of SL(2,R)

The purpose of the talk will be to show that the three operators: the Schroedinger operator with inverse square potential, the dilation operator and operator of multiplication squared generate unitary representations of the universal cover of SL(2,R).

Date Speaker Title Slides
06.10.2017 Wojciech Kamiński (IFT) Bunch-Davies states in de Sitter and unitary representations of SO(1,4)
13.10.2017 Benjamin Bahr (U. Hamburg) Knotted graphs and volume of four-dimensional polytopes
20.10.2017 Hironori Mori (IFT) Comments on the Localization in Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
27.10.2017 Paweł Duch (UJ) Weak adiabatic limit in perturbative quantum field theory
03.11.2017 Katarzyna Budzik (FUW) Unitary representations of the Lorentz group
10.11.2017 Andrea Dapor (FAU Erlangen) Cosmological Effective Hamiltonian from full LQG
17.11.2017 Adam Bednorz (IFT) Are we living in spaghetti?
24.11.2017 Grzegorz Łach (IFT) Four faces of the Casimir effect
01.12.2017 Vadim Belov (U. Hamburg) On the `volume simplicity' (and the ways towards it)
08.12.2017 --- IFT Symposium
15.12.2017 Krzysztof Meissner (IFT) Conformal Standard Model
12.01.2018 Michał Heller (AEI, NCBJ) Towards Complexity for Quantum Field Theory States
19.01.2018 Maciej Kolanowski (FUW) SYK model and beyond
26.01.2018 Miłosz Panfil (IFT) Edge singularities in non-equilibrium steady states: a study case of exotic states of matter
02.03.2018 Kamil Serafin (IFT) Renormalization of 1/r^2 potential
09.03.2018 Jan Chwedeńczuk (IFT) Role of mode and particle entanglement in the violation of the Bell inequalities
16.03.2018 --- CFT Symposium
23.03.2018 Daniel Siemssen (U. Wuppertal) Solving the Semiclassical Einstein Equation
30.03.2018 --- Easter Friday
06.04.2018 Mateusz Szczygieł Discretization of the continuum state in the description of photoionization processes
13.04.2018 Ehsan Hatefi (IFT) D-brane Effective Actions
20.04.2018 Jerzy Lewandowski (IFT) Quasi-local black hole theory
27.04.2018 Katja Sagerschnig (U. Vienna) The geometry of almost Einstein (2,3,5) distributions
18.05.2018 Jan Chwedeńczuk (IFT) Role of mode and particle entanglement in the violation of the Bell inequalities, part II
01.06.2018 Paweł Wójcik Geometry of the universal covering of SL(2, R)
08.06.2018 Mateusz Szczygieł, Katarzyna Budzik Representations of SL(2,R), Unitary representations of the universal cover of SL(2,R)
15.06.2018 Helder Larraguivel TBA