Open problems in Loop Quantum Gravity

Sunday, February 28 - Thursday, March 4, 2010
Zakopane, Poland
(Arrival and departure dates are respectively Feb. 27 and March 5)

The workshop is organised within the framework of the ESF research network Quantum Geometry and Quantum Gravity, coordinated by John Barrett and Hermann Nicolai - see for further information about the network.

Presentation files (most of) are available to download


  • The dynamics of quantum space (the status of the quantum Hamiltonian constraint in LQG and the covariant implementation of the dynamics in spin foam models and group field theories).
  • The semiclassical limit and the continuum approximation in loop quantum gravity and the recovering of classical General Relativity and of matter quantum field theory in such approximation.
  • Quantum gravitational observables.
  • The role of diffeomorphisms in quantum gravity, their nature and possible breaking at the Planck scale or in discrete contexts.

Participants list


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Organizing Committee        Local Organizing Committee

Fernando BarberoMichał Dziendzikowski
Kristina GieselEwa Infeld
Jerzy LewandowskiMarcin Kisielowski
Daniele OritiJerzy Lewandowski
Hanno SahlmannAndrzej Okołow
 Jacek Puchta


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 Lecture place & accomodation

The lectures will take place at Hyrny guesthouse in Zakopane.

Dom Wczasowy Hyrny
ul. Piłsudskiego 20
tel/fax: +48 18 2015778

Conference fee

Conference fee: 30 PLN (~8 EUR) per day, covers the food and beverages during the lunch breaks and coffee breaks, paid upon the arrival.

Financial support

We can offer limited financial support for PhD students and junior researchers. Financial support covers local expences (food and accomodation - room in guestshouse Hyrny, which we will reserve for You).

Application for financial support was closed on November 30.


If you have any questions, you may contact Ewa Infeld.

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