My primary purpose was booting a PC from NetWare 3 (Novell, mars_nwe
on Linux) network (using IPX protocol on Ethernet) to MSDOS, although
here are few links to info on other network boot software.

I made my own BootROM, and it is GNU-copylefted. It does not include
driver - need add packet driver to my code to make it useful. My aim
was to make it small (2.5kB+driver) and flexible - for this last the
reason was reading a posting about Novell bootrom boot via slow line.

CAUTION: these pages are being changed now - do not store links to pages other than this page - they are not promised to keep. IMPORTANT: some programs were fixed lately, new documentation points to these fixed, old still points to buggy ones. One of these fixed is ROM emulation, get the fixed version. Almost all assembly sources were adapted for ArrowAsm (PD assembler).
Old version of these pages is still available, and will be kept here with all its links which I control, until the new version is ready.
The new version (of 31.I.2002) was copied to a better server. Newer versions can be accessed by e-mail only (since last changes in our net the directory where they are is no longer accessible by FTP), to access them send e-mail to containing commands like "dir boot" or "get boot/boot-doc.arj", or "help" and it will send you required info; make sure your e-mail address in SMTP envelope is correct, or you will not get its reply.
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