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Dear SUSY friends,

    after the very successful first, second and extended ECFA/DESY studies we are entering yet another round, continuing our efforts for an e+e- LC as

 ** ECFA Study of Physics and Detectors for a Linear Collider **
There are still many interesting SUSY questions to be investigated! Detailed plans have been discussed in Montpellier, and the list of topics is updated at each of our meetings.

See you in the next meeting in Valencia .
A preliminary program of the SUSY session in Valencia can be found here
Link to the Document with SUSY Answers to the Parameter Group


Experiment: Jenny List (DESY), Emmanuelle Perez (Saclay)
Theory: Genevieve Belanger (LAPTH Annecy), Jan Kalinowski (Warsaw U)

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 Plans for 2003-06

will be discussed and updated at every meeting

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