The Thursday Colloquium

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The literature for current topics will be suggested by the lecturer. The literature especially relevant for 2018/2019 edition:

Fioresi's "Supergeometry Lectures" (the Zuerich version),

Dumtirescu's "Superconnections and parallel transport".

Hohnhold et al.'s "Differential forms and 0-dimensional supersymmetric field theories".

Freed's "Five Lectures on Supersymmetry".

Varadarajan's "Supersymmetry for Mathematicians: An Introduction" (Chapters 3,4 and 7).

Some literature on spinors (relevant especially in the winter term 2014/2015):

T. Frankel,
The Geometry of Physics,
Cambridge University Press, 1997.

H. Lawson, M. Michelsohn,
Spin Geometry,
Princeton University Press (1990).

M. Atiyah, R. Bott, A. Shapiro,
Clifford modules.

José Figueroa-O'Farrill,
PG course on Spin Geometry.

Participants of the Colloquium are also urged to consult any of the following background references:

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