The Advanced School on Topological Quantum Field Theory will take place December 7-9, 2015, at the University of Warsaw. All students and researchers interested in formal and mathematical aspects of quantum field theory are cordially invited to participate in this event. The school will consist of a series of lectures delivered by:

       Krzysztof Gawędzki (ENS de Lyon)
         Motohico Mulase (University of California, Davis)
         Ingo Runkel (University of Hamburg)
/ Nils Carqueville (University of Vienna)

Moreover, on December 10-11 these lecturers will give research seminars which will complement their lecture series. In addition, on December 8 everyone is welcome to attend a public lecture by John Ellis (CERN & King's College London).


Time: December 7-9, 2015 (plus additional research seminars on December 10-11)
         Location: Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, ul. Pasteura 5, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland
Suggested accommodation: Hotel Hera, (double room: 43 euros per night; single rooms: from 19 to 33 euros per night)

         Support: There is limited funding available for younger participants, mostly for accommodation.
                          If you wish to request financial support please do so in your registration e-mail.

         Registration:  To register for the school, please send an e-mail to,
                          indicating the length of your stay, and whether you request assistance with accommodation
                          and/or financial support. Registration deadline: November 20, 2015.

Orientation in Warsaw

         Lecture hall: "Cyklotron" building, lecture hall A (next to the Faculty of Physics,
street address: Pasteura 5a)
         Location of the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw (
street address: Pasteura 5)
Lunch cafeteria  (at the Faculty of Biology,
street address: Miecznikowa 1)
         Conference dinner (Monday, December 7, 19:00, restaurant Abyssinia, street address: Rynek Nowego Miasta 21)
         Public transport in Warsaw (e.g. check the bus, number 167, from hotel Hera to the Faculty of Physics;
                                                              for English press a flag in the top right corner)

Information leaflet

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Lectures and plan

         1. Lecture series

Krzysztof Gawędzki: Wess-Zumino amplitudes and topological insulators
              Motohico Mulase: From two-dimensional TQFT to topological recursion, a counting tool on moduli spaces
              Ingo Runkel / Nils Carqueville: Closed TQFT in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions / Boundaries and defects in 2-dimensional TQFT

Monday, December 7
Tuesday, December 8
Wednesday, December 9
9:00-9:30 (Wake up) coffee
(Wake up) coffee (Wake up) coffee
9:30-10:45 I. Runkel (1)
I. Runkel (2) I. Runkel (4)
10:45-11:15 Coffee break
Coffee break Coffee break
11:15-12:30 K. Gawędzki (1) M. Mulase (2) K. Gawędzki (4)
12:30-14:30 Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
14:30-15:45 M. Mulase (1) I. Runkel (3) M. Mulase (3)
15:45-16:15 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
16:15-17:30 K. Gawędzki (2) K. Gawędzki (3) I. Runkel (5)
Evening 19:00 - Dinner 18:00 - Public lecture: John Ellis
             Note: all lectures (apart from the public lecture) take place in the "Cyklotron" building (next to the Faculty of Physics).

2. Seminar talks

              Krzysztof Gawędzki
              KMMF seminar, Thursday (December 10th), 10:15-12:00, lecture room 2.23
Topological invariants of periodically forced crystals
              Motohico Mulase
              AGMP colloquium, Thursday (December 10th), 16:30-18:00, lecture room 2.23
              Opers and quantum curves through Gaiotto's conjecture

              Ingo Runkel
              ERQTG seminar, Friday (December 11th), 14:15-16:00, lecture room 1.40
Defects as dictionary

          3. Public lecture

              As an extra accompanying event, the following open public lecture takes place at the Faculty of Physics:

              John Ellis (CERN & King's College London): The Higgs boson and the new era in particle physics
              Tuesday (December 8th), 18:00-19:00, lecture room 0.03


Nils Carqueville (University of Vienna,
         Piotr Sułkowski (Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw,
         Rafał R. Suszek (Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw,

         Organising institutions:
             Faculty of Physics, Univesity of Warsaw
             Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw
             University of Vienna


         1. Daniil Antonenko (Moscow)
         2. Jan Boruch (University of Warsaw)
         3. Enrico Brehm (Munich)
         4. Mariusz Budziński (
University of Warsaw)
         5. Nils Carqueville (
University of Vienna)
         6. Maciej Ciemny (
University of Warsaw)
         7. Paweł Ciosmak (
University of Warsaw)
         8. Jan Dereziński
(University of Warsaw)
         9. João Esteves (CAMGSD, IST, Lisbon)
         10. Krzysztof Gawędzki (
ENS de Lyon)
         11. Jeroen van Gorsel (Leiden)
         12. Ivan Ip (Kyoto University, Japan)
         13. Jakub Jankowski (Jagiellonian
University, Cracow)
         14. Marek W. Kalinowski (IMDiK PAN, Warsaw)
         15. Wojciech Kamiński (University of Warsaw)
         16. Maciej Kolanowski (
University of Warsaw)
         17. Yakov A. Kononov (Moscow)
         18. Piotr Kucharski (
University of Warsaw)
         19. Isao Makabe (King's College London)

         20. Masahide Manabe (
University of Warsaw)
         21. Flavio Montiel Montoya (
University of Vienna)
         22. Motohico Mulase (University of California, Davis)
         23. Lukas Müller (
University of Hamburg)
         24. Adam Nałęcz-Jawecki (
University of Warsaw)
         25. Miłosz Panfil (University of Warsaw)
         26. Jaan-Eerik Past (Edinburgh)
         27. Michał Pawelkiewicz (DESY, Hamburg)
         28. Marcin Piątek (University of Szczecin)
         29. Fedor Popov (Moscow)
         30. Tomas Prochazka (Munich)
         31. Ingo Runkel (University of Hamburg)
         32. Gregor Schaumann (
University of Vienna)
         33. Daniel Scherl (
University of Vienna)
         34. Mykola Semenyakin (Kyiv)
         35. Paweł Smoliński (
University of Warsaw)
         36. Aleksander Strzelczyk (
University of Warsaw)
         37. Piotr Sułkowski (
University of Warsaw)
         38. Rafał R. Suszek (
University of Warsaw)
         39. Stanisław Szawiel (University of Warsaw)
         40. Lorant Szegedy (Hamburg)
         41. Mariusz Tobolski (
University of Warsaw)
         42. Paul Weinreb (King's College London)
         43. Lukas Woike (Hamburg)
         44. Junya Yagi (Warsaw)
         45. Sebastian Zając (UKSW, Warsaw)
         46. Michał Zakrzewski (Jan Kochanowski University, Kielce)
         47. Marek Zawadowski
(University of Warsaw)
         48. Damian Zdulski (University of Warsaw)
         49. Mateusz Zieliński (
University of Warsaw)
         50. Christian Zimmermann  (Regensburg)
         51. Henryk Żołądek
(University of Warsaw)

Last updated on December 5th, 2015