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Piotr Traczyk

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Selected Publications

Search for Z-primes and Randall-Sundrum Gravitons with dimuons in CMS

P. Traczyk
Acta Physica Polonica B 38 (2007) pp.~507-514

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Search for decaying in flight neutralinos and long lived staus within Gauge Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking models

Lukasz Goscilo, Malgorzata Kazana, Piotr Traczyk, Piotr Zalewski

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Search for Randall-Sundrum Graviton Decay into Muon Pairs

I. Belotelov, I. Golutvin, A. Lanyov, V. Palichik, E. Rogalev, M. Savina, S. Shmatov, P. Traczyk, G. Wrochna

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Randall-Sundrum gravitons decaying to ee, mumu, gamma-gamma in CMS

P. Traczyk
Czech. J. Phys.: 54 (2004) pp.A277-A282

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Prospects for Study of Randall-Sundrum Gravitons in the CMS Experiment

C. Collard, M-C. Lemaire, P. Traczyk, G. Wrochna

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Search for Randall-Sundrum Graviton Excitations in the CMS Experiment

P. Traczyk, G. Wrochna

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