Division of Solid State Physics
Institute of Experimental Physics

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PL 02-093 Warszawa

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The beginnings of condensed matter research at the Faculty of Physics – University of Warsaw stem from the middle of last century. Those days Prof. Leonard Sosnowski gathered around him physicist from both the University as well as the Polish Academy of Sciences, starting so-called Polish school of semiconductors. Today the Division of Solid State Physics is over 30-person strong group of faculty, accompanied by their graduate and undergraduate students, and equipped with a state-of-the-art fabrication and characterization equipment, to mention only MBE and MOCVD epitaxy systems, FIB and optical lithography, AFM/MFM microscopes. Strong technological facilities are stimulants for the rich and dynamic scientific activities. The Division is known of their well-established expertise in FIR-NIR-VIS-UV (magneto)optics, (magneto)transport, magnetometry, hydrostatic and uniaxial pressures, electroreflectance, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, structural studies, etc.

The particular interests of Division’s members span various condense matter systems. One of them are dilute magnetic semiconductors, i.e. materials combining semiconducting and magnetics properties, thus being particularly interesting from the viewpoint of their applications in novel spin-electronic devices. There are also studied hybrid structures comprised of dilute magnetic semiconductors and metallic ferromagnets. Another group of materials investigated by the Division are wide-gap semiconductors, including nitrides and oxides. These have already well-established technological applications, e.g. in UV sources and detectors. Still, when heavily doped with transition metals, III-group nitrides and II-group oxides exhibit unique magnetic and magnetooptic properties. It should be mentioned that all the above mentioned semiconducting materials are subject to various micro- and nanoscale structuring, in order of enabling investigations of e.g. isolated quantum dots or magnetic ions embedded within such structures. Except semiconducting systems, the Division conducts also advanced studies of the epitaxial graphene or materials of photovoltaic applications.

Most cited publications with University of Warsaw affiliation (WoS Core, 08.2023)

(WoS Core, 08.2023)

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