Jerzy Tarasiuk (foto, z pikniku) - my plans for nearest future:

(- I will not be at work from 4 to 15 Aug - peregrination to Jasna Gora)

- check these links.

- need make small C (few versions, if I find them) available here by html:

there are few on Simtel: simtelnet C dir: zcc096 ccompile C--(final), and some old small C compiler on my network: SC88 also some C compilers are in Pat Villani's DOS-C ( is 140k!)
(freeware, source available, for educational purposes, click "now!")

- need put somewhere program which allows sending all keycodes in
 a way DosEmu understands it (it is - click here for info).

Sprawdzic siec TPNET: 
dostep komutowany,
mapa serwerow.
I recently made WWW page for Traveller Shop and I am still working on it...