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the bright side of the moon. You can also see the dark one.


University education:
  • Physics at Department of Physics, Warsaw University
    Specialised in: Elementary particle physics
    Degree: M. Sc. (thesis: Search for tau neutrino signal in Super-Kamiokande detector [Poszukiwanie sygna逝 neutrin taonowych w detektorze SuperKamiokande], 2002)
  • Sociology at Department of Philosophy and Sociology, Warsaw University
    Specialised in: Sociology of politics
    Degree: M. A. (thesis: Single Transferable Vote (STV) - a voting system monograph [Single Transferable Vote (Pojedynczy G這s Przechodni) - Monografia Systemu Wyborczego], 2005)
High school:
  • VI Liceum im. Tadeusza Reytana in Warsaw

Ph. D. studies

at Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies (SINS).
Scope: neutrino physics (oscillation experiments)
Thesis defended June 7th, 2010.
Analyses conducted in 2007/2008:
  • Configuration optimisation of SMRD detector in off-axis section of T2K near station by means of neutrino and off-axis detector simulations
  • Pion production analysis in ND280 off-axis detector (in progress)

Experiments I am involved in

  • T2K - TokaiToKamioka
    A long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment in Japan
  • NA61 / SHINE
    Ion physics experiment at CERN, will measure properties of T2K beam target
    Liquid argon neutrino experiment in Italy

My publications

1. J. Lagoda, D. Kielczewska, M. Posiadala, R. Sulej, K. Zaremba, T. Kozlowski, K. Kurek, P. Mijakowski, P. Przewlocki, E. Rondio, J. Stepaniak, M. Szeptycka, Polarization Effects in tau Production by Neutrino, Acta Phys. Pol. B Vol. B (2007) 6, 2007 [link]
2. P. Przewlocki, ICARUS - The Liquid Argon Detector for Neutrino Physics, Acta Phys. Pol. B Vol. 37 No 4 1245-125 , 2006 [link]
3. P. Przewlocki , p0 Identification Analysis for the LAr Detector in 2km Station of T2K Experiment , Acta Phys. Pol. B Vol 37 No 8 2395-2402, 2006 [link]
4. A. Ankowski et al. (ICARUS Collaboration), Characterization of ETL 9357FLA photomultiplier tubes for cryogenic temperature applications Nucl. Instr. Meth. A Vol. 556 No 1 146-157, 2006 [link]
5. A. Ankowski et al. (ICARUS Collaboration ), Measurement of Through-Going Particle Momentum by Means of Multiple Scattering with the ICARUS T600 TPC, European Physical Journal C 48, 667-676, 2006 [link]
6. J. Jakubas-Przew這cka, P. Przew這cki, A. Sawicki, Assesment of changes due to the long-term effect of estrogen and calcium defficiency in the trabecular bone structure in rats, Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology 2005, Vol. 23., 385-388., 2005 [link]
7. Jakubas-Przewlocka J, Sawicki A, Przewlocki P. Assessment of trabecular bone structure in postmenopausal and senile osteoporosis in women by image analysis. Scand J Rheumatol. 2003;32(5):295-9 [link]

My presentations

Tokai2Kamioka - pierwszy eksperyment nowej generacji w fizyce oscylacji neutrin (Tokai2Kamioka - first new generation experiment in neutrino oscillation physics)
Wroclaw, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Wroclaw University, 2007-12-07 [link]
Optymalizacja detektora SMRD w bliskiej stacji eksperymentu T2K (Optimisation of T2K near station SMRD detector)
Warsaw, Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies (SINS PhD seminar), 2007-05-22 [link]
Piony neutralne w ciek這argonowym detektorze eksperymentu T2K (Neutral pions in liquid argon detector of T2K experiment)
Warsaw, The Andrzej So速an Institute for Nuclear Studies (SINS PhD seminar), 2006-01-10 [link]
Poszukiwanie neutrin taonowych w wi您ce CNGS (Search for tau neutrino in CNGS beam)
Warsaw, Soltan Institute of Nuclear Studies (SINS PhD seminar), 2005-05-17 [link]
Poszukiwanie sygna逝 neutrin taonowych w eksperymencie SuperKamiokande (Search for tau neutrino signal in SuperKamiokande experiment)
Warsaw, Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies (SINS PhD seminar), 2003-10-05 [link]

Scientific travels abroad

  • Irvine, CA, USA - 2000 (master's thesis research)
  • Milan, Italy - 2002 (neutrino interaction simulations for ICARUS)
  • LNGS Gran Sasso, Italy - 2003 (neutrino interaction simulations for ICARUS)
  • CERN, Geneva, Switzerland - 2003 (Fluka, a neutrino simulation package course)
  • LNGS Gran Sasso, Italy - 2004 (NuInt '04 conference)
  • LNGS Gran Sasso, Italy - 2004 (neutrino interaction simulations for ICARUS)
  • Vico Equense, Italy - 2004 (CERN School of Computing)
  • Milan, Italy - 2004 (neutrino interaction simulations for ICARUS)
  • CERN, Geneva, Switzerland - 2005 (neutrino interaction simulations in LAr TPC detector for 2km station of T2K)
  • Capri, Italy - 2005 (4th International School on Neutrino Factories and Superbeams)
  • Okayama, Japan; KEK Tsukuba, Japan - 2005 (NuInt '05 conference; simulation works T2K in KEK laboratories)
  • Kamioka, Japan - 2006 (SuperKamiokande refurbishment works)
  • LNGS Gran Sasso, Italy - 2006 (Cryogenic Liquid Detectors for Future Particle Physics workshop)
  • LNGS Gran Sasso, Italy - 2006 (event reconstruction works for liquid argon detectors)
  • LNGS Gran Sasso, Italy - 2007 (electronics' tests for ICARUS)
  • Trest', Czech Republic - 2007 (European School of Physics)
  • CERN, Geneva, Switzerland - 2007 (shifts in NA61/SHINE)
  • KEK Tsukuba, Japan - 2008 (T2K experiment meeting)
  • Christchurch, New Zealand - 2008 (Neutrino '08 conference)
  • J-PARC Tokai, Japan - 2008 (electronics' tests for T2K)
  • KEK Tsukuba, Japan - 2009 (T2K experiment meeting)
  • CERN Geneva, Switzerland - 2009 (European Strategy for Future Neutrino Physics workshop)
  • Athens, Greece - 2010 (Neutrino 2010 conference)
  • J-PARC Tokai, Japan - 2010 (T2K experiment meeting)
  • J-PARC Tokai, Japan - 2010 (T2K shifts and experiment meeting)
  • KEK Tsukuba, Japan - 2011 (T2K experiment meeting)