Piotr Suffczynski, Ph. D.

Department of Biomedical Physics, Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University

Piotr Suffczynski

I am Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Physics, University of Warsaw. My research is dedicated to understanding brain function through development of computational models.

List of research projects I'm involved:

Dynamical mechanisms of epileptic transitions.

Modeling of attentional mechanism mediated by thalamic reticular nucleus.

Modeling and analysis of cortical alpha rhythms.

Seizure prediction and counter - stimulation

Modeling approach

The models of my construction belong to the general class of lumped models. However, my interest is focused on models which integrate network and cellular properties. Simulation example of such model is the Model of seizure in the hippocampal slice .


You can see  list of my papers, my CV.


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Piotr Suffczynski