Here is page which will be used to collect info on mobbing.
Na tej stronie zbieram informacje na temat mobbingu
(po polsku to moze byc: terror psychiczny, przemoc psychiczna).

MOBBING - official definition, by prof. Leymann

Some info I wrote in Polish - nieco informacji po polsku:

mobbing - odpowiedz dla studenta psychologii

	Jerzy Tarasiuk

Other psychology/psychiatry links are here.

Links to pages w/ info on mobbing and related topics (mainly in English).

Pages made by people who were mobvictims themseves:
Bully OnLine: Tim Field shares his unique insight into
You're Not Alone!

Pages w/ texts from people who are doing researches:
by professor Heinz Leymann: MOBBING
Professor Heinz Leymann is discoverer of mobbing in workplaces.
by Mike Eslea: Bullyweb Home Page
Maybe really good info: abstracts from conferences, link to:
by Ken Rigby: Does Bullying Do Harm?
Tells about bullying in schools.

Support for victims and their friends:
Mobbing / Support for Victims of Mobbing ("pesten" in Dutch)
Raven Days (for victims of mobbing and these wanting to help)
(Raven Days) Breaking the Chains: For those who want to help
(Raven Days) Bearing the Scars: For those who still remember
Liz Carnell's page for parents
by Helen Cowie: Peer Support Networker
BBC education: Bullying, a Survival Guide

Projects/campaigns against mobbing/bullying:
mobbing in schools: The Bullying Project
Maine Project Against Bullying
Bullying Studies . . . Campaign Against Workplace Bullying

DISGRUNTLED -- Interview with Gary Namie, The Work Doctor

Pages with useful links:
mobbing - Useful Web Connections (Canada?)

Psychology pages which may be helpful:
Psychology in Daily Life
Several topics which may be related to the mobbing and reasons of it.

Other pages in English:
Legal Definition of Mobbing And Rioting
While it mentions the name, seems it had a bit different meaning
at the time the definition was written, and is rather useless.

Pages in Polish where mobbing is mentioned:

Powoluje sie na artykul: Mobbing - terror psychiczny w miejscu pracy
(E. Ko6micki, "Przegl1d Powszechny" 1996, nr 6, s. 340-345).

Zeszyt III - "Poradnik dla pacjenta i lekarza" - "Swiat jako terapeuta"
Teksty: Dreczyciele i ofiary, Portret roboczy "dreczyciela".
Zeszyt II - "Poradnik dla pacjenta i lekarza" - "Relacja z partnerem, osobowosc, eneagram"
Tekst: Umniejszacz spiralny. Przydatny moze byc tez:
Zeszyt I - "Poradnik dla pacjenta i lekarza" - "O wplywach z dziecinstwa"