Chair of Theory of Strong and Electroweak Interactions


Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology

Title / USOS web Lecturer Type Lecture notes
Group Theory in Particle Physics Maria Krawczyk mon -
Higgs Physics Maria Krawczyk mon -
Renormalization Janusz Rosiek mon
Particles and Gravity I Bohdan Grządkowski el
Particles and Gravity II Zygmunt Lalak mon
Cosmology Bohdan Grządkowski mon
Introduction to Strings and Branes Jacek Pawełczyk el
Universe of Elementary Particles Maria Krawczyk
Aleksander Żarnecki
Seminar for Theory of Elementary Interactions Jan Kalinowski
Maria Krawczyk
Wojciech Królikowski
Stefan Pokorski
el -
Seminar for Cosmology and Elementary Particles Marek Demiański
Bohdan Grządkowski
Zygmunt Lalak
Stefan Pokorski
el -

Other courses conducted by Chair's staff

Title / USOS web Lecturer Type Lecture notes
Reading basic works of quantum physics Stanisław Głazek mon -
Faculty of Physics