About the author

Since many years, I have been making photos. I started with the malfunctioning Russian Smiena, currently I own professional digital Nikon with a set of lenses. For a long time, photography was just an addition to my main passion - alpinism. Recently, I have been climbing less actively, but I am diving, kayaking and travelling a lot, for private and service purposes. All that gives me opportunities to make photos in various interesting places and situations.

My photo collection grown over many years. It contains some photos quite unique due to very special opportunities where they were taken: summer and winter climbs from Tatra to Caucasus and Tien-Shan mountains. More recent photos were taken in less extreme situations, but in even more exotic regions. To share my impressions, I present on the web illustrated relations from my trips. Also, I became a co-author of the Amateur weekend and holidays guide to Poland. At the moment, most of the stories on this page (all but the top-level introductions) are still only in Polish. If I find enough time, I plan to expand English version of this page.

All comments concerning my page are very welcome! If anybody wants to use my photos for any commercial purposes, please contact me first (copyright statement).

Janusz Rosiek