Zdzisław Szymański Prize

Warsaw, November 17th, 2021

We are pleased to inform that the Zdzisław Szymański Prize for the year 2021 has been awarded to

Dr Steven Ragnar Stroberg
from Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL, USA

The Prize has been awarded to the Laureate

for crucial developments to extend ab initio theory to the structure of large nuclei, and for his contributions to the solution of a long-standing puzzle regarding Gamow-Teller beta-decay rates.

According to the Prize Regulations, the Prize consists of a certificate citing the contributions made by the Laureate and of a honorarium for the lecture delivered by the Laureate.

dr hab. Agnieszka Korgul prof. Robert Grzywacz
Secretary of the Selection Committee Chairman of the Selection Committee

This Prize is awarded every second year to one individual for outstanding accomplishments in the area of theoretical or experimental studies of the properties of atomic nuclei.
The Prize is awarded by the Dean of the Faculty of Physics of the Warsaw University, based on the recommendations of the Selection Committee of the Prize.
Detailed guidelines can be found in the Bylows.

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