Warsaw University
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Physics Department, University of Warsaw
Nuclear Structure Theory Division
Pasteura 5, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland
tel: +48 22 5532 949

Local Information

M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses completed in our Division.

Meetings of the group: every Wednesday at noon (room 114)

General Info

Our activity is focused on investigating the following main research directions:

Physics of exotic nuclei (JPG picture, 90kB)
Physics of rapidly rotating nuclei (JPG picture, 90kB)


Staff member: E-mail Home Page Telephone no.
(Poland's country code: 48)
Jacek Dobaczewski Jacek.Dobaczewski at fuw.edu.pl JD home page (+48) 22 5532 974
Witold Nazarewicz (also MSU) Witek at frib.msu.edu WN home page +1 (517) 908-7326
Wojciech Satuła Wojciech.Satula at fuw.edu.pl WS home page (+48) 22 5532 973
Tomasz R. Werner Tomasz.Werner at fuw.edu.pl WS home page (+48) 22 5532 966
Maciej Konieczka Maciej.Konieczka at fuw.edu.pl No WWW page (+48) 22 5532 969
Paweł Bączyk Pawel.Baczyk at fuw.edu.pl No WWW page (+48) 22 5532 969


Activity report: 1996-1997
Activity report: 1998-1999
Activity report: 2000-2001
Activity report: 2002-2003

Nuclear Physics Links

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Data base of publications (e-Prints) related to nuclear theory.
Nuclear Data WWW Service.
data on superdeformed bands.
Audi/Wapstra nuclear masses
The AME2003 atomic mass evaluation.
Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee
Nucl. Phys. Virtual Library in Riken
contains links to numerous laboratories, universities etc.
DOE/NSF Nuclear Science Advisory Committee
ECT* in Trento, Italy
European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas
INT in Seattle
Institute for Nuclear Theory
IPP Physics Web
Many links to physics-related sites. Jobs, conferences, organisations, software...
ORIGINS of the Universe
NASA/NSF/DOE Origins Program (text + links)
White Paper
PDF version of the White Paper

Other Links

City information (in Polish). Also available in English, French and German.
Information and Poland-related links

Zdzisław Szymański Prize


Zdzisław Szymański Prize website (Polish and English versions)

TRW (Tomasz Werner AT fuw edu pl)