The scale

In the October 2003 I have decided to put aside building of gauge I BR80 model in favor of some HO model. This scale is most popular in Poland, so that I won't have troubles with tracks that I would have in case of Gauge I model.

Unfortunately, final tests in attumn 2005 have shown, that the model have cylinders leaky to an extend prohibiting use with its diminutive boiler. Additionally I realized that the ration of the cold surfaces in contact with steam to th steam volume is roughly 87 times worse than in the original, which makes condensation an acute problem. I guess that switching or even slow ride with such a small locomotive is impossible.

So, I decided to leave this, otherwise interesting, project. Whereas people build such a small locomotives (eg. youtube or Hornby) but 1. a sliding valve gear or oscillating cylinder is better, 2. the final effect is poor as compared to the amount of work required, as compared to a die-cast model with sound.

My model's prototype, during the steam locomotive's parade in Wolsztyn (2005)

The scaling

Taking into account what A. A. Sherwood wrote I decided to chose Ol49 for my prototype. This is a post-war (~1949) Polish design. You can still find it hauling passenger trains in Wolsztyn, and one is in the Railway Museum is Warsaw.


  • I have assembled the boiler (December 2004)
  • Began working on boiler (May 2004)
  • First run! See, how the chassis, propelled by the compressed air, hauls a (random) piece of metal - movie, 280kB (poor quality, though) (April 2004)
  • The chassis in its final version is almost ready - some new photos on pages about valve gear, wheels and chassis (April 2004)
  • It works! A single side spins provided compressed air. (March 2004)
  • Part of the valve gear has been assembled (March 2004)
  • The etched wheels are almost ready (February 2004)
  • I have etched a bunch of valve gear elements (February 2004)
  • Great discovery of etching. Makes live a lot easier and gives a lot of new possibilities. I use thermal transfer method to produces mask. A lot easier as compared to photo etching. (February 2004)
  • I have assembled a big part of chassis, ver. 1. (January 2004).
  • The frames and coupling rods ready (ver. 1) (November 2003)
  • The cylinder block is ready (November 2003)
  • CAD model (October 2003)