Can Lynx use vi/etc keys?

Lynx can use vi and emacs keys and it is very simple to have it do so. From within Lynx, press 'o' to bring up the options menu and find the lines with the settings for vi keys and emacs keys. Pressing 'v' will toggle vi mode and pressing 'm' will toggle emacs mode.

This can also be controlled from the command line when Lynx is started. Enter the lynx command with the -vikeys option to enable the vi-like cursor keys. The option -emacskeys will enable the emacs-like cursor keys. Note that the emacs keys may be incompatible with some curses packages. See the links below for an explanation of these modes.

Lynx could be set up to use keystrokes mimicking Wordstar, Pine or any other package you like (almost), but to do this would require defining the key mappings in the lynx.cfg. That file contains more information regarding key-mapping.

More information:

Lynx provides a rich set of keystrokes to move around in the current document. You can see the entire list of keys and their purposes by pressing 'k' (or 'K' if *vi-keys* is on) while in Lynx.

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