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The University of Warsaw regularly hosts international particle physics conferences. Here we list the most important meetings organized by the members of the Chair for Theory of Particles and Elementary Interactions.

2016 Warsaw Workshop on Non-Standard Dark Matter, Jun 2-5
Collider Physics, May 13-15
2015 Scalars 2015, Dec 3-7
Astrofizyka Cz±stek w Polsce, May 11-13
2014 PASCOS 2014. 20th International Symposium on Particles, Strings and Cosmology, Jun 22-27
DIS 2014. XXII International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects
Second Warsaw Spring Workshop "The Status of the Standard Model After the First LHC Phase", Apr 7-8
2013 Scalars 2013, Sep 12-16
First Warsaw Spring Workshop "Electroweak Breaking After First Three Years of the LHC", Mar 14-17
2012 Planck 2012, May 28-June 1
2011 Scalars 2011, Aug 26-29
Workshop AdS/CFT, Dec 16-19
2010 Seventh Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology, Feb 3-6
2009 String Phenomenology 2009, Jun 15-19
Fifth Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology, Feb 4-7
2008 Symposium on Physics of Elementary Interactions in the LHC Era,
Apr 21-22
Fourth Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology, Feb 13-16
2007 Planck 2007, Jun 9-13
Second Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology, Feb 15-18
2006 First Workshop on Particle Physics and Cosmology, Apr 29- May 3
2005 The Photon: Its First Hundred Years and the Future, Aug 30- Sep 8
2002 Planck 2002, May 25-29
2001 Workshop "Physics in Extra Dimensions", Feb 10-17
1998 Planck 1998, May 24-30
International Workshop on Photon-Photon and Photon-Proton Processes, Jun 12-14