The workshop will take place at the shore of Baikal, in a small village Bolshie Koty (Big Cats), from 5th till 9th of July.

We hope to discuss properties of states and interactions of Higgs bosons in the non-minimal models, especially in the Two Higgs Doublet Models and MSSM.

Topics: symmetries in models, charged Higgs bosons, CP symmetry violation, possible strong interaction in Higgs sector, ealier Universe and phase transitions there, possible candidates for dark matter, etc.

Organizing committee:

We got or expect positive answers from I. Ivanov, E. Ma, R. Santos, H. Nielsen, L. Diaz Cruz, L. Lavoura, S. Kanemura, J. Gunion, G. Branco and others.

Registration is open (9.04.2009)