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Effective pseudopotential for energy density functionals with higher order derivatives

F. Raimondi, B.G. Carlsson, J. Dobaczewski

March 20, 2011


We derive a zero-range pseudopotential that includes all possible terms up to sixth order in derivatives. Within the Hartree-Fock approximation, it gives the average energy that corresponds to a quasi-local nuclear Energy Density Functional (EDF) built of derivatives of the one-body density matrix up to sixth order. The direct reference of the EDF to the pseudopotential acts as a constraint that divides the number of independent coupling constants of the EDF by two. This allows, e.g., for expressing the isovector part of the functional in terms of the isoscalar part, or vice versa. We also derive the analogous set of constraints for the coupling constants of the EDF that is restricted by spherical, space-inversion, and time-reversal symmetries.

Jacek Dobaczewski 2011-03-20