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We use the Skyrme-Hartree-Fock method, allowing all symmetries to be broken, to calculate the time-reversal-violating nuclear Schiff moment (which induces atomic electric dipole moments) in the octupole-deformed nucleus $^{225}$Ra. Our calculation includes several effects neglected in earlier work, including self consistency and polarization of the core by the last nucleon. We find that the Schiff moment, while large compared to those of reflection-symmetric nuclei, is generally a few times smaller than the recent estimates.

Time-reversal violating Schiff moment of $^{225}$Ra

J. Engel, M. Bender, J. Dobaczewski, J.H. de Jesus, P. Olbratowski

24 April 2003

Jacek Dobaczewski 2003-04-24