Laboratory of Experimental Metaphysics

organised & supervised by Ryszard Павел Kostecki

December 2015 — June 2018, June 2021 — April 2022
last update: (16.IV.2022, Oliwa)

LEM was intended as a right-brain-side analogue of Underground Seminar on Quantum Foundations (a.k.a. 'Underground Quantum Fight Club'), with an acronym alluding to Lunar Excursion Module (as a suggestion about contents) as well as to Stanisław Lem (as a suggestion about inspirations).

With the beginning of my experiences with free improvisation, meditation, and yoga, I've started to perform various experiments using the techniques from these fields, often inviting my friends to exploratorily participate in the meditative modes of presence and perception. This grew up to the semi-periodical meditative sessions. The structure of these sessions was always a subject of an ongoing improvisation, with the choice of directions dependent on the set and setting, and influenced by current topics that I have been exploring, as well as by what the participants were carrying with themselves.

Season 1, run in Waterloo for about 2 months, after my return from 3 weeks of permanent embarkment on a variety of meditative states held in an aśram I've crafted out in Toronto, was an early exploratory phase, where I have started the process of mixing various techniques of meditation, combining different sensory data (sound, smell, taste, guided meditation, etc.) into a common inner travel experience.

Season 2, run in Warszawa for about 4 months, after completion of a 200 hrs long yoga teacher training with Asia Nelson at Pranalife Yoga in Waterloo (however, so far without certification, due to my postponing of delivery of the homework writing), and 10 days of vipassanā meditation course (at Dhamma Toraṇa in Egbert, Ontario), was aimed at further experimentation with multisensorial meditation, including also elements of deep body relaxation, yogaic deconstructive logic, and tantric modes of interaction.

Season 3, run in Waterloo for about 5 months, after completion of 250 hrs long yoga teacher training with Lucelene Pancini and John Farley at House of Yoga in Toronto (this time also receiving yoga teacher certification), was aimed at investigation of elements of kundalini tantra, and was less communal and relaxation-oriented, with more emphasis on detailed observation of synchronicity of various experiences, and some other effects.

Season 4, run at various locations in Poland, after becoming ill with post-covid syndrome, was focused on emergence of quantas of tantric qualities in different contexts, with the general intent of integrative self-healing, either individually, or in some exchange processes.

Apart of the influences listed above, I've been noticeably inspired and influenced by several workshops of free improvisation with Piotr Filonowicz, by about two dozens of sessions of myofascial integration with Tara Kachroo, and by contact/dance improvisation classes with Tanya Williams.

Some longer report upon these experiments, and their theoretical counterparts, awaits to be written, yet (as long as this notice is here) the duties of my professional work quite probably still prevent me from performing an extended write-up. Some of the topics and experiences of Seasons 2, 3, and 4 are reflected, respectively, in Spiritual Transformations III, V, and Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Metaphysics №8 series of graphics and related artforms. These series can be seen as quasi-ordered collections (or, more exactly, meta-maṇḍalas) of maṇḍalas, recording some aspects of ongoing experiments and experiences, and providing a sort of condensated letters from Laboratory (cf. Listy z laboratorium by Кир Булычёв).

Season 4 (summer—autumn 2021): Tantric Quantas
Location: Multi-location, Poland
Maṇḍala: Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Metaphysics №8
  1. #0.0. Restart
    Locus: (19/20.6.21; Warszawa-Śródmieście)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=5:34, Ф, ġ, lovastatin, KJ]
  2. #0.1. Ночь Отца
    Locus: (23/24.6.21, Noc Świętojańska + Dzień Ojca; Warszawa-Śródmieście)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=5:49, щ, ġ, lovastatin, KJ]
  3. #0.2. The Secret Garden
    Locus: (26/27.6.21; Kępa Okrzewska)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=0:55, Ф, g, lovastatin, KJ]
  4. #0.3. Burza z piorunami
    Locus: (11/12.7.21, night after New Moon in Cancer; Kępa Okrzewska)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=6:26, Ф, щ, ġ, lovastatin, KJ]
  5. #1.0. Myofascial semiotics at the border
    Locus: (24/25.6.21, arcus + Full Moon in Sagittarius; Sielce)
    Signature: (n=2, E.-В.)
    Menu: [w=1:33, after-щ, ġ, lovastatin, KJ]
  6. #1.1. Elements of ġ-yoga #1
    Locus: (6/7.7.21; Kępa Okrzewska)
    Signature: (n=2, D.)
    Menu: [w=4:13, ġ, KJ, lovastatin]
  7. #1.2. Elements of ġ-yoga #2
    Locus: (8/9.7.21; Kępa Okrzewska)
    Signature: (n=2, D.)
    Menu: [w=2:54, Ф, ġ, k, KJ, lovastatin]
  8. #2.0. Возвращение
    Locus: (20/21.7.21; Karwiny)
    Signature: (n=1; n=2, P.)
    Menu: [w=1:57, g, S, lovastatin, KJ]
  9. #2.1. Reopening
    Locus: (22/23.7.21, Sun in Leo; Karwiny)
    Signature: (n=1; n=2, P.)
    Menu: [w=Ø, Ф, S, lovastatin, KJ]
  10. #2.2. Похороны Звуков Лю / Inverse of 2-Kerr fusion
    Locus: (23/24.7.21, Full Moon in Aquarius: ascent; Karwiny)
    Signature: (n=2, *A/A.; n=1; n=2, *A/A.; n=1)
    Menu: [w=Ø, lovastatin, KJ]
  11. #2.3. Fragile dialecticts of smṛti
    Locus: (23/24.7.21, Full Moon in Aquarius: descent; Strzyża)
    Signature: (n=1; n=3, A., P2.; n=1)
    Menu: [w=Ø, lovastatin, KJ, В, П, В, g, В]
    Audio: {live} Charles Mingus Group
  12. #3.0. Double rainbow
    Locus: (26/27.7.21; Karwiny)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=0:20, ġ, Д, KJ, D3, B6, Se, withania somnifera, hericium erinaceus]
    Audio: The Album Leaf
  13. #3.1. Reconstructing Foundations #1
    Locus: (27/28.7.21; Karwiny)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=4:30, Д, KJ, D3, B6, Se, α-GPC, withania somnifera, hericium erinaceus, ноопепт, ġ]
    Audio: Chris Botti
  14. #3.2. Reconstructing Foundations #2
    Locus: (28/29.7.21; Karwiny)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=Ø, Ф, KJ, D3, B6, Se, α-GPC, withania somnifera, hericium erinaceus, ноопепт, ġ, ibuprofen]
  15. #3.3. Landscape with a Cross
    Locus: (29/30.7.21, присоединение модуля «Наука» к МКС + sprzedaż gruntu b. FSO na Żeraniu; Dolny Sopot)
    Signature: (n=2, P.)
    Menu: [w=Ø, S, П, B, KJ, D3, B6, Se, α-GPC, 5htp, withania somnifera, hericium erinaceus, ноопепт, g]
    Audio: {live}
    • Johann S. Bach — Komm, Jesu, komm (BWV 229)
    • Jan D. Zelenka — Responsoria pro hebdomada sancta (ZWV 55)
    • Johann S. Bach — Fürchte dich nicht, ich bin bei dir (BWV 228)
    • Johann S. Bach — Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied (BWV 225)
    played by Collegium Vocale 1704, dir. by Václav Luks
  16. #3.4. κατάβασις
    Locus: (30/31.7.21; Karwiny)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=Ø, KJ, D3, B6, Se, α-GPC, withania somnifera, hericium erinaceus, ноопепт, lovastatin, g]
  17. #3.5. ανάστασης
    Locus: (31.7/1.8.21; Karwiny)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=0:10, KJ, D3, B6, Se, α-GPC, withania somnifera, hericium erinaceus, ноопепт, lovastatin, ġ]
    Audio: На заре 25% + Ashtanga invocation 52%.
  18. #4.0. Tertium datur
    Locus: (10.8.21; Oliwa)
    Signature: (n=2, P.; n=1; n=2, T.; n=3, P., T.)
    Menu: [w=Ø, B, KJ, D3, B6, Se, α-GPC, withania somnifera, hericium erinaceus, ноопепт, lovastatin, g]
    Audio: {live} Gerhard Löffler playing:
    • Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy — Sonate A-Dur op. 65 nr 3
    • Johann Pachelbel — Choralpartita. Christus, der ist mein Leben
    • Dieterich Buxtehude — Toccata F-dur (BuxWV 156)
    • Max Reger — Melodia B-dur op. 129 nr 4
    • Johann S. Bach — Toccata und Fuge d-moll (BWV 565)
    • Josef G. Rheinberger — Cantilene op. 148, 2
    • Franz Liszt — Präludium und Fuge über das Motiv B-A-C-H
  19. #4.1. Enter Silence
    Locus: (12/13.8.21, 30th anniversary of Black Album release; Dąbrowa)
    Signature: (n=2, P.; n ~ 100)
    Menu: [w=Ø, S, g]
    Audio: {live} Spokój Festival.
  20. #4.2. (...)
    Locus: (16/17.8.21; Wzgórze Św. Maksymiliana)
    Signature: (n=2, *E.; n=1)
    Menu: [w=Ø, ġ, KJ, D3, α-GPC, lovastatin]
    Audio: none
  21. #4.3. ГКЧП's eve
    Locus: (17/18.8.21; Oliwa + Wzgórze Św. Maksymiliana)
    Signature: (n=2, P.)
    Menu: [w=Ø, g, S, KJ, D3, α-GPC, lovastatin]
    Audio: {live} Pavel Svoboda playing:
    • Jan P. Sweelinck:
      — Variace Unter der Linden grüne
    • Johann S. Bach:
      — Toccata in d-moll (BWV 538)
      — Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (BWV 659)
      — Prelude and Fugue C-dur (BWV 531)
      — Erbarm dich mein, o Herre Gott (BWV 721)
      — Toccata und Fugue d-moll (BWV 565)
    • Jan K. Kuchař:
      — Pastorale C-dur
      — Fantasie e-moll
      — Partita in C-dur
    • Charles M. Widor:
      — Allegro from Symphony No. 6 g-moll, op. 42/2
  22. #4.4. Heading for tomorrow
    Locus: (19/20.8.21 + 30th anniversary of 2nd day of ГКЧП; Wzgórze Św. Maksymiliana)
    Signature: (n=2, *E.; n=2, *T.; n=2, *A.-A.; n=1)
    Menu: [w=3:30, KJ, D3, lovastatin, Д, ġ, Y, g, Y]
    Video: {live} Anastasia Nelson — The final class of the summer Movement Flow series.
  23. #5.0. Er hatte Flair
    Locus: (27.8.21; Oliwa)
    Signature: (n=1; n ~ 100).
    Menu: [w=2:45, KJ, D3, lovastatin, Д, g, Ф]
    Audio: {live}
    • Wolfgang A. Mozart:
      — Violin Concerto No. 5 A-dur (KV 219)
      — Symphony No. 40 g-moll (KV 550)
      performed by Maya Levy (viol.) and Orkiestra Symfoniczna Opery i Filharmonii Podlaskiej (dir. by Mirosław J. Błaszczyk)
    • Eine kleine Jazzmusik, played by Krzysztof Herdzin, Łukasz Poprawski, Jerzy Małek, Robert Kubiszyn, Łukasz Żyta
  24. #5.1. Zoom into detail
    Locus: (6.9.21, 30-летие признания Госсоветом СССР выхода Литовской, Латвийской, и Эстонской ССP из состава СССP; Ptasi Raj + Oliwa)
    Signature: (n=2, P.)
    Menu: [w=Ø, N, g, S]
  25. #5.2.
    Locus: (11.9.21; Leszczynki)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=2:59, g]
  26. #5.3. The boundary of БОМЖ
    Locus: (14.9.21; Oliwa)
    Signature: (n=1; n=2, K.)
    Menu: [w=Ø, g]
  27. #6.0. Let's dive into multilocal n>2
    Locus: (17.9.21; Oliwa + Linia kolejowa nr 9)
    Signature: (n=1; n=4, 5, 8)
    Menu: [w=1:01, g]
  28. #6.1. Observation on the spot: Eastern swamps — Western ecstasies
    Locus: (19.9.21, requiescat in pace Jerzy Targalski; Mokry Ług + Ząbki + Marynin + Ząbki)
    Signature: (n=2, M.; n=2, T.; n=2, L.; n=5, 9; n=2, L.; n=2, T.)
    Menu: [w=Ø, t, g, ġ, N, x, #, ш, Б, Д]
  29. #6.2. Equinox / Sweet kiss of Hoffmanowa's Spirit
    Locus: (22/23.9.21, Sun enters Libra, a night after Full Moon in Pisces; Koliba)
    Signature: (n=10)
    Menu: [w=Ø, g, N=20GOT, Д]
  30. #6.3. Postbieszczadian Dialectics
    Locus: (24/25.9.21; Jaworzec)
    Signature: (n ~ 30)
    Menu: [w=Ø, g, N=49GOT, Д, ibuprofen]
  31. #6.4. Reflections through a water pipe
    Locus: (30.9.21; Praga Północ + Ząbki)
    Signature: (n=2, K2.; n=1; n=2, T.; n=1)
    Menu: [w=Ø, ġ]
  32. #7.0.
    Locus: (8.10.21; Oliwa)
    Signature: (n=1; n=2, P.)
    Menu: [w=5:26, B, g]
  33. #7.1. Ex-adjunct
    Locus: (15.10.21; Oliwa)
    Signature: (n=1; n=2, P.)
    Menu: [w=Ø, B, g]
  34. #7.2.
    Locus: (18.10.21; Oliwa)
    Signature: (n=2, P.)
    Menu: [w=Ø, g]
  35. #7.3. Transcendental sketches at T={6°C outside, 13°C inside}
    Locus: (29.10.21; Aniołki)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=6:04, B, g]
  36. #7.4. Околосмертные переживания
    Locus: (1.11.21; Oliwa + Strzyża + Aniołki)
    Signature: (n=1; n=~8)
    Menu: [w=Ø, N, g, B]
    Audio: Алтай Кай - Кай кожоҥ
  37. #8.0. Містерія
    Locus: (12.3.22; Sopot)
    Signature: (n=2, K3.)
    Menu: [w=Ø, g, C, hesperidin, chondroitin sulfate, ruscus aculeatus]
    Audio: {live} performed by Nazar Plyska (viol.), Akademicki Chór Politechniki Gdańskiej, Polska Filharmonia Kameralna Sopot, Wojciech Rajski (dir.), Mariusz Mróz (dir.):
  38. #8.1. Too far from home
    Locus: (16.3.22; Oliwa)
    Signature: (n=2, P.; n=~10)
    Menu: [w=3:52, Д, Se, Zn, D3, g, a, C, hesperidin, chondroitin sulfate, ruscus aculeatus]
  39. #8.2. Equinox
    Locus: (20.3.22; Oliwa)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=0:15, Se, Zn, D3, g, C, hesperidin, chondroitin sulfate, ruscus aculeatus]
  40. #8.3. Дом
    Locus: (27.3.22; Ząbki)
    Signature: (n=1)
    Menu: [w=Ø, Se, Zn, Mg, D3, g, C, hesperidin, chondroitin sulfate, ruscus aculeatus]
  41. #8.4. Церебро
    Locus: (1.4.22, new moon in Aries; Gdańsk-Śródmieście)
    Signature: (n=~10)
    Menu: [w=1:36, Se, Zn, Mg, Д, g, loratadine, C, hesperidin, chondroitin sulfate, ruscus aculeatus]
  42. #8.5. Farewell 2 τόπος-1
    Locus: (15.4.22; Sopot)
    Signature: (n=2, P.)
    Menu: [w=Ø, Se, Zn, Mg, Б, loratadine, C, hesperidin, chondroitin sulfate, ruscus aculeatus]

Season 3 (spring 2018): Deep Dives
Location: Aśram III, 78 Euclid Avenue, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Maṇḍala: Spiritual Transformations V

The general structure of deep dives (worked out during the previous season), present in the most typical sessions:
Usually some people were going away after level 2 or level 3, so that the higher cohesivity of collective experience was reached among those who cared more about remaining in this process than about other processes. Unfortunately, in this season the registry of food/drink menus as well as music sets supporting the sessions was not maintained. As a standard welcoming, guests were usually offered with a mix of walnuts, goji berries, haribo bears, and 100mg 5htp pills. As opposed to the list of Summer Haven Symposia, this time also my own meditative sessions were included, as they were constituting a generic part of the series.
  1. #1.0 (30-31.1.18): -
  2. #1.1 (1.2.18): Su
    Menu: brocolli+Polish dried mushrooms+cheese+butter+rice noodles+garlic+spices
  3. #1.2 (2.2.18): Wi, Ja, De
  4. #1.3 (4.2.18): Pr, Ia, Al
  5. #1.4 (5.2.18): -
  6. #1.5 (8.2.18): -
  7. #1.6 (11.2.18): -
  8. #1.7 (12.2.18): Ha
  9. #1.8 (14.2.18): -
  10. #1.9 (16.2.18): Su, Al, Ia, Ad, Al2, Wi, ?, Ra
  11. #1.10 (18.2.18): Ha
  12. #1.11 (19.2.18): -
  13. #1.12 (20.2.18): -
  14. #1.13 (25.2.18): Ti
  15. #1.14 (26.2.18): Ce, Pr, Gr, Ti
  16. #1.15 (27.2.18): Ha
  17. #1.16 (28.2.18): Kr
  18. #2.0 (3.3.18): -
  19. #2.1 (4.3.18): Kr
  20. #2.2 (5.3.18): To, Gr
  21. #2.3 (8.3.18): Pr, Da, Da2, Su
  22. #2.4 (9.3.18): Su
  23. #2.5 (11.3.18): -
  24. #2.6 (13.3.18): Pr
  25. #2.7 (14.3.18): To, Gr, Al3
  26. #2.8 (15.3.18): -
  27. #3.0 (16.3.18): -
  28. #3.1 (17.3.18): -
  29. #3.2 (18.3.18): Mi
  30. #3.3 (20.3.18): -
  31. #3.4 (21.3.18): Mi
  32. #3.5 (22.3.18): Mi, Su
  33. #3.6 (23.3.18, Kundalini Spring Equinox): Mi, Ev, Su
  34. #3.7 (24.3.18): Mi, Ev
  35. #4.0 (26.3.18, G.Y. Ceremony #0): -
  36. #4.1 (27.3.18, G.Y. Ceremony #1): -
  37. #4.2 (28.3.18, G.Y. Ceremony #2): -
  38. #4.3 (29.3.18, G.Y. Ceremony #3): -
  39. #4.4 (5.4.18): -
  40. #5.0 (7.4.18, 182): Ka, Em, Re, Pe, Ra2, Su, Gr, Da3, Ta, Je, Da4, Di, ?
  41. #5.1 (28.4.18, Profanation): ants(!), Wi, Pr
  42. #6.0 (25.5.18): -
  43. #6.1 (26.5.18): -
  44. #6.2 (27.5.18): -
  45. #6.3 (28.5.18): -
  46. #6.4 (2.6.18): -
  47. #6.5.x (8-10.6.18, Goodbye): Ha, Ta, Gr, Su, Na, Gw, Wi, Pr, De, Ti, Me, Ka,...
    Menu: ..., feat. Lovetella 4.0
  48. #6.6 (11.6.18): -
  49. #7.0 (15.6.18, Deconstruction): Ta2, Em, Je, Ia, Al, Mo
    Menu: ..., feat. Lovetella 4.0
  50. #7.1 (16.6.18, Closure): -

Season 2 (summer 2017): Summer Haven (Letnia Przystań) Symposium
Locus: Aśram II, ul. Kozietulskiego 1/19, Warszawa, Poland
Maṇḍala: Spiritual Transformations III

SH/LP symposium was an experientially-oriented interpersonal experiment, intended originally as a slightly twisted analogue of the Underground Quantum Fight Club, but in the field of experimental metaphysics (with a particular focus on how the specific multisensory inputs associated with meditative states and quasi-deconstructivist cognitive techniques perturb the available/preferable logics of thinking and geometry of the models of locally emergent 'k-interpersonal reality') instead of theoretical physics (with the implied shift of methodology and default range of participation styles, but without any cut-off on the admissible topics). SH/LP's n.0 were multi-personal (ranging between few and ~20 participants), while n.m for m≠0 were 1:1. After SH/LP 6.2 the first stage of the project was closed (which included its disconnection from the 'Spiritual Transformations, Part III'), and two shortlived projects: SH/LP++ and LAB were started, focused, mutually exclusively and respectively, on the individual meetings (run indoors) and on the collective improv processes (run in the nature). SH/LP 9.0 was a close-up of the all project. Menus listed below are incomplete, and up to SH/LP 6.0 feature mostly the part of food prepared by U.B., while other food/drink sources remained un(der)documented.

Namaste to everyone who contributed with the participativeness of her/his here & now.
  1. 1.0 (7.6.17)
    Topic: Warm-up in the logic of non-negativity
    1. Pancakes z serem i truskawkami (mąka, jajka, mleko, woda, proszek do pieczenia, serek twarogowy, truskawki)
    2. Grzanki z serem i przyprawami (pieczywo pszenne, czosnek, masło, ser żółty, przyprawy)
    3. Seler naciowy z serkiem i orzechami (seler naciowy, serek twarogowy, orzechy włoskie, sól, miód (?))
    4. Wrapy z rukolą, serem...
    5. Absinth with coconut water, fresh mint, and homemade Greek vodka
  2. 1.6 (13.6.17)
    Topic: Gravity emerges from the attachment to the shadow/lack
  3. 2.0 (14.6.17)
    Topic: Sthirasukham āsanam
    1. Frittata (jajka, smażone liście kalarepy, smażona cebula, prażone pestki słonecznika i dyni, ser żółty, twaróg, jakieś resztki z lodówki)
    2. Pieczona marchewka (marchewka, czosnek, imbir, oliwa z oliwek)
  4. 2.4 (18.6.17)
    Topic: Dream machine inauguration + deep dive into the black hole of intra mundum
  5. 2.6 (20.6.17)
    Topic: Tantra, microdosing, and all that
  6. 3.0 (22.6.17)
    Topics: Wine like a sweet Moldavian icon, cross-semiotic translations in the multiplicity of languages, and multiresource n=3 intersubjectivity
    Menu: Sałatka z roszponki, orzechów włoskich prażonych, sera lazur, gruszki, z dodatkiem syropu z czarnego bzu; ...
  7. 3.2 (24.6.17)
    Topics: Singing beyond the structure, free improv, meditation with Bach
  8. 3.3 (25.6.17)
    Topic: The separated freedom of self-entangled cats
  9. 4.0 (29.6.17)
    Topics: Non-Weierstrassian arithmetics, Weil functors, and coincidentia oppositorum 5x
    Menu: Świeże warzywa - seler naciowy, marchewka, cukinia, z pastami: a) Hummus z pietruszką (ciecierzyca z puszki, tahini, sok z cytryny, olej, czosnek, pietruszka, sól, pieprz), b) Pasta słonecznikowa (prażony słonecznik, cytryna, czosnek, olej słonecznikowy), c) Pasta groszkowa (świeży zielony groszek, świeża mięta, sól, olej słonecznikowy)
  10. 4.2.1 (2.7.17)
    Topic: The concept of causality in classical chineese and mongolian cultures
  11. 4.2.2 (2.7.17)
    Topic: From Lowen's integration to Reich's orgone (and back)
  12. 5.0 (9.7.17, full moon)
    Topics: Nontrivial acausal groupoidal synchronicities, spontanic emergence of an organic Bose--Einstein condensate, and postquantum tantric cat with 1 and 18 legs
    1. Tantric bread with spruce jam
    2. Spring Rolls wegańskie (papier ryżowy z tapioką, smażone tofu, sałata grecka, por, ogórek, makaron ryżowy marynowany w sosie sojowym, oleju sezamowym i miodzie, marchewka, kalarepa, bambus marynowany, tykwa marynowana)
    3. Guacamole (awokado, kolendra, sok z limonki, sól, pieprz cayenne)
  13. 5.5 (13.7.17)
    Topic: Mindfulness and vitality
  14. 5.7 (15.7.17)
    Topic: A sip of amnesia + multisensorial restorative meditation
  15. 6.0 (15.7.17)
    Topic: Syntax error in overtantrisation by polyphonic nonmindfulness
  16. 6.2 (17.7.17)
    Topic: Multisensorial hyperdim meditation + groupoidicity of two-eyed lynxes
  17. 6.8 [++] (23.7.17)
    Topic: Inner and outer badminton between quantum foundations and general semiotics
  18. 7.0 [LAB 1.0] (27.7.17)
    Topic: Meeting, meaning, and improv flow
  19. 7.6 [++] (2.8.17)
    Topic: Third eye -- heart -- pelvis integration
  20. 8.0 [LAB 2.0] (3.8.17)
    Topic: Myth, control, collective shadow + Osho's no-dimensions
  21. 9.0 [Closure Symposium] (22.9.17, equinox)
    Topic: End of summer + equinoxial transgression to nonduality
    1. Lovetella 3.0 (90% high quality chocolate, coconut butter from Sarah Martin, and a finest blend of canadian, mazovian, and silesian revolutionary adlibs)
    2. ...

Season 1 (winter 2016): Multisensorial Meditations
Locus: Aśram I+, 27A Peppler St, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

  1. (22.01.16): Ki
  2. (28.01.16): Mi
  3. (8.02.16): Em
  4. (??.02.16): Dy, Da2
  5. (??.02.16): Dy, Da2, Be
  6. ...

Season 0 (24.XII.15-13.I.16): Perceiver Intuite Studio
Locus: Aśram I, 182 Lisgar St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Maṇḍala: part of Spiritual Transformations I
Individual visits: Ai, Kr, Dy, Sh