Spiritual Transformations III-IV

(cc by-sa 3.0) by Ryszard Павел Kostecki, 7.VI–7.XII.2017

dedicated to all my friends and beloved ones, with whom I've shared this beautiful time

Part III: Stained Glass of Summer Haven


I am knocking out the window
in the name of the stained glass,
which is able to be translucent,
wear the humble transparency,
the timbre donated to light,
not its own.

I fight, M.Rakoczy (tr. RПK)



   Two nymphs

(Summer haven 3.0, 22.VI.2017)



   The kiss of an astral cat

(Summer haven 3.3, 25.VI.2017; an original graphics has been altered upon the request of a model to protect her privacy)



   Cavalier of the loci

(Summer haven 4.0, 29.VI.2017)



   Hyperdimensional meditation

(Summer haven 6.2, 17.VII.2017)


   Substance and function



The chaos of impressions becomes a system of numbers;
but these numbers first gain their denomination,
and thus their specific meaning,
from the system of concepts
which are theoretically established
as universal standards of measurement.

-- Ernst Cassirer, 1910, Substance and function

  LOST* in translation

yogis flow closely with dào
yet do their cliffed burdens admit
that the necessity of purity
duals the fear of defeat?

a yogi moved
and breathed out the voice:
dual to void
is the possibility of choice

as we both agree
that to live is to be
sthīrasukham āsanam
dào's us as free

*Lewandowski J., Okołów A., Sahlmann H., Thiemann T., 2006, Uniqueness of diffeomorphism invariant states on holonomy-flux algebras, Commun. Math. Phys. 267, 703-733.
arXiv: gr-qc/0504147

(28.VII.17, Ząbki-Graniczna)

Part IV: Dualities of Mirrors

Под тонким льдом стекла
Бездонны зеркала
Восточный блеск играет каждой гранью
Всё говорит в тиши
На языке души
Единственном, достойном пониманья

-- Приглашение к путешествию, Ш.Бодлер (пер. И.Озёровой)


Les riches plafonds
Les miroirs profonds
La splendeur orientale
Tout y parlerait
À l'âme en secret
Sa douce langue natale

-- Ch.Baudelaire, L'invitation au voyage






(31.VIII.2017; based on a photo of twins - Michał and Marcin Kotowski)


   Tesseract in Kampinos

(14.IX.2017; photo by Grześ Smulko; left side text: "You don't know what to do? Do good")



It is up to me
To choose the criteria
Of finite convergence

And it is up to me
To choose the variables
Which I want to quantify

Given the available systems of my environment
The intersubjective soundness of my performance
Will be a matter of others’ judgment

If I communicate my criteria well
And if I seek their relevance to the criteria of others
We may find an agreement on mutual adequacy

The boundedness and convergence is a key
To be able to represent an inner-defined faith
On the boundary of intersubjectively common facts

The yīn dive leads to acidic spiral of deconstruction and phantasy
Its unboundedness is a sin of a naïve selfpleasuring heartmind
Only completed bounded processes allow to perform an integration

And only such processes are communicable without seduction
The latter is the same as a nonrenormalisable model
Where you chase signs which diverge beyond the limits of your finite awareness

The nihilism chán zen has its point, at infinity equivalent with zero
Yet even then you have to eat and sleep
And why shouldn’t you, after all

Practice singleminded focus
Tatra pratyayaikatānatā dhyānam
Finitely complete bounded processes

Share the results with others
By the measures localised on the boundary
Let them choose

(IX.17, Żoliborz)


   The last horizon (Global hyperbolicity breakdown)

(24.IX.2017/24.X.2017; based on a photo by Madeleine Habela of the set and setting by RПK)



(30.IX.2017, paintings on a paper, made at the yoga teacher certification class of Moira Bayne)


   Wisdom of the perimeter

(1.IX.2017/15.X.2017; features "Not a mirror"/Πήγασος fingerdrawing at Perimeter Institute's clothboard made by the Unknown, photographed on 2.X.2017; a quote comes from the first scientific talk I've attended after arriving to the Institute as a postdoc)



(2.X/7.XII.2017; based on a photo made in Moksha Yoga Studio, Waterloo)



The fountains of dopeness
Are hooping
In each quanta of time

If you free your heartmind
From the loops
Of perfect possession

You may experience yourself
And thus all
In the oneness of life

In the flow of ups and downs
Through the crystalline spectra
And the gravitating mud

Thoughts that think us
As the life lives us

Silence of the resolution
Sun with wind after a sweaty rain

(24.X.2017, at the House of Yoga Studio, Toronto)


   All mirrors were curving my face




If it is
Not a mirror
Than it is that what is

I recognise all of 'you'
As the part of 'myself'
Not yet recognised by I as my self

As long as we both see differently
As if in the mirror
There will be the time

Being certain of uncertainty
I welcome myself and you as the same truth
That is beyond the abundance of here and now

«"Wake up
There still is a time"
– Mirrors whispered»

(24.X.2017, at 2+2=5 Christie St., Toronto)


   Bow to the universe - 6/2: A model kit

(27.X.2017, using screenshots from a video taken by Lu Pancini)


   Preparing for Halloween

(28.X.2017, based on a photo of posters at Christie Street, Toronto)


   Kundalini awakening (Mental Maṇḍala V)



«It is only when kundalini reaches ajna chakra that the transcendence begins. This is where the ego is exploded into million fragments and the ensuing death experience occurs.»

-- Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Kundalini Tantra, Yoga Publications Trust, Munger (1984)

   High Frequency CPTSD

(17.XI.2017; remix of a photo by Anna Cieślewska of an Indonesian wayang, shoot somewhere in Moscow, and of a graphics by Alma Haser, based on the puzzlefication of photos of twins)


   Nondualism (11.11)

(11.XI/4/7.XII.2017, dedicated to Piotrek Filonowicz, Freya Wolna, and Tara Kachroo)


* * *


Unpacking at Euclid


     «You will now all think I'm crazy
      and of course you're right.
     – But at least I'm crazy
     in a mathematically rigorous way! ;)»
     — Markus Müller, 7.XII.2017
     (quoted from a post announcing his preprint: Could the physical world be emergent instead of fundamental, and why should we ask? (full version), arXiv:1712.01826)

After half a year of active pursuits, Laboratory of Experimental Metaphysics kindly presents to you the next two series of the “Spiritual Transformations”. Part III is a visual report on the ‘Summer Heaven Symposium’ experiment, run for three months during the summertime in Warszawa. Part IV (created in Warszawa, Toronto, and Waterloo) documents an investigation of the ‘we are all mirrors’ thesis, revisited from the perspective of left/right brain integration, while taking into account the difference of their respective (reductionist/holistic) cognitive functions. While the first two parts of Spiritual Transformations were focused on the immanently transcendental aspects of the semiotics of inner perception, the third and fourth part became focused on the structural patterns characterising the cognitive dynamics of the relationships between ‘inner’ and ‘outer’. This included especially: the microlocal quantisation of the field of perception, the gravity induced by attachments (causing deformations in the light and shadow trajectories associated with other attachments), and the dialectical shifts between dual and nondual perspective (marking twists in the local distinctions between: lorentzian realities vs euclidean myths, observability vs imaginability, correlation-causation vs synchronicity). Among the focal properties that came into the stage of investigations were the glass-like behaviour of the projection on the boundary between self and non-self (in mirroring and translucent aspects), as well as the nontrivial semiotic curvature effects (horizons, singularities, partial reflections, breakdowns and re-emergences of causality...) associated with the dual–nondual geometrical logic of the left–right brain integration. While the questions about the range of intersubjective validity of individual observations of the properties of perceptive quantisation, semiotic gravity, and the geometric logic of dualisation–nondualisation, are the keysprings of these graphics, the issue to what extent such investigations can be considered (by whom?, where and when?, with which resources?,...) as artistic or scientific is a subject beyond the frames of this text. The multidimensionality of the background of referential concepts and meanings, utilised in the creation of these works in the improvisationally meditative modality, seems to require writing long explanations in order to unravel the inner semiotic coherence and accountability of those objects, which is there despite the somewhat amatourish primitivity of their form. Avoiding this danger for a while, while still honouring the intellectual ponderings that are important to me, I admit that I foremostly followed my gut-feelings while creating those objects – in order to discover something new, to remain honest to my experience of here and now (with graphics expressing the metaphysical aspects of my ongoing experiences in intersubjectively perceivable, and explainable, symbolic and aesthetic contents), and, – last but not least, – as a meditative time of a deep relax in motion. «After all, music soothes even the savage beast.»*

---rpk, 7.XII.17, perimeter institute

* Bryan K. Holland, 1994, Time to relax, in: The Offspring, Smash, Epitaph Records.