Intra mundum
Ryszard Павел Kostecki

Selected graphics from the booklet of 68 sketches
from the period I.2015–II.2016

71 pages, US Letter size
released @ 29 Erb St Housewarming Party 2.0
19 February 2016, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
available from author for 20 CAD$ + delivery cost

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Welcome to the King Doom
V.2015, Waterloo

No-cloning is easy, Banach-Tarsking is hard
V.2015, Waterloo
dedicated to Ben Burdick

Witkacy nieco astralny [Somewhat astral Witkacy]
II.2016, Waterloo
dedicated to Basia Baranowska

Тов. Альберт Безсмертный [Comrade Albert Immortal]
II.2016, Waterloo

Bezdomność [Homelessness]
IV.2015, Warszawa
joint work with Marysia Bator

Feynman way
III.2015, Dorfgastein

Ambiwalencja [Ambivalence]
V.2015, Waterloo

The mean (k)ing of life
V.2015, Toronto

Inspired by 邓钦
V.2015, Toronto
dedicated to 邓钦

Business card replacement
VI.2015, Waterloo

Is this jidish, spanish, or italian?
VI.2015, Waterloo

VI.2015, Ontario Highway 401

Nie jesteś rysownikiem. Jesteś hodowcą. [You are not a draftsman. You are a farmer.]
VII.2016, Parc national du Mont-Mégantic
dedicated to Dean Shivji

VII.2016, Parc national du Mont-Mégantic

Profesjonaliści obsługi duchowych wydarzeń [Spiritual events service professionals]
VII.2016, Parc national du Mont-Mégantic

Sketching is taming
VII.2015, Toronto

Сталкер: Impromptu [Stalker: Impromptu]
XII.2015, Toronto

Maryjka loves Tarantino
VII.2015, Parc national du Mont-Mégantic

проклятые_вопросы.exe [cursed_questions.exe]
IX.2015, Waterloo

Marysia i Burek [Marysia and Burek]
VIII.2015, Quebec Autoroute 10
dedicated to Marysia Skubis

Доброй ночи [Good night]
XII.2015, Toronto

Inner universe
II.2016, Waterloo
dedicated to Анна Малахова