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Prof. Stefan Pokorski
e-mail address:
phone: (+48)(22) 5532264
office no: 233

Short bio
Stefan Pokorski was born in Mlotkowice, Poland. In 1964 he was awarded his Master of Science in Physics at the University of Warsaw. He received his Ph.D. degree and his Habilitaton (Doctor of Science) in Physics also from the University of Warsaw in 1967 and 1971. Since 1978 he has been working as a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Warsaw. Furthermore, from 1984 to 1993 Pokorski was Director of the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the University of Warsaw and since 1989 he is Head of the Chair for Theory of Particles and Elementary Interactions.

Stefan Pokorski is working in theoretical physics of elementary interactions and its interface with cosmology. His primary interest lies in physics beyond the Standard Model, with its challenging questions such as the origin of the electroweak symmetry breaking and of the Fermi scale, the origin of dark matter and of the matter antimatter asymmetry.

Awards and distinctions
1985 Maria Sklodowska-Curie Award of Polish Academy of Sciences
1985 Knight Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta
1991 Extraordinary Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw)
1992 Member of Warsaw Scientific Society
2000 Frontier Fellow in Fermilab
2001 Member of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (Cracow)
2002 Officers Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta
2003 Marian Smoluchowski Medal of the Polish Physical Society
2003 Humboldt Research Award of Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung (Bonn/Hamburg)
2004 Ordinary Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw)

Selected publications

  • Independent production of particle clusters: A Third general feature of high-energy hadron collisions?,
    S. Pokorski, L. Van Hove,
    Acta Phys.Polon.B5:229-245,1974.
  • Heavy Flavor Multiplicities at Very High-Energies.
    W. Furmanski, R. Petronzio, S. Pokorski,
  • Hierarchy of Quark Masses in the Isotopic Doublets in N=1 Supergravity Models.
    M. Olechowski, S. Pokorski,
  • Charged and neutral supersymmetric Higgs boson masses: Complete one loop analysis.
    P.H. Chankowski, S. Pokorski, J. Rosiek,
  • Electroweak symmetry breaking and bottom-top Yukawa unification.
    M.S. Carena, M. Olechowski, S. Pokorski, C.E.M. Wagner,
  • Theoretical uncertainties and phenomenological aspects of B -> X(s) gamma decay.
    A.J. Buras, M. Misiak, M. Munz, S. Pokorski,
  • Supersymmetry and FCNC effects.
    M. Misiak, S. Pokorski, J. Rosiek,
    Adv.Ser.Direct.High Energy Phys.15:795-828,1998.
  • Gauge Field Theories (book)
    S. Pokorski,
    Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics, 2nd edition, 2000,
    erratum to this edition can be found here.
  • Gauge invariant effective Lagrangian for Kaluza-Klein modes.
    C.T. Hill, S. Pokorski, J. Wang,
  • Quantum corrections to neutrino masses and mixing angles.
    P.H. Chankowski , S. Pokorski,
  • Stability of flux compactifications and the pattern of supersymmetry breaking.
    K. Choi, A. Falkowski, H.P. Nilles, M. Olechowski, S. Pokorski,
    JHEP 0411:076,2004.