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Recommended links



  • Axions

    • Wikipedia about axions.
    • CAST Collaboration - homepage of one of the biggest axion search experiment; it contains many information and latest results.
    • CAST home page at CERN - interesting website about the same experiment.
    • ADME (Axion Dark Matter Experiment) - one of the vary first attempts to find axion.
    • PVLAS Collaboration - homepage of the Italian experiment, which recently obtained signal, which by the authors is interpreted as a new particle, however this result is a controversy and definetly disagrees with axion models or CAST's observations.
    • Many articles about this subject (and not only) can be found in the arXiv in HEP (High Energy Physics).
  • Astronomy

    • Astronomy picture of the day - every day new beautiful picture of our Universe with specialist's comment.
    • Black holes - Wikipedia about black holes; good starting point to learn a little bit about "the greatest stars of the Universe".


  • Wolfram's site catalogue - in my opinion the best source of knowoledge related to maths on the web, also contains information about physics, mathematical graphic and animations and of course Mathematica program.
  • From the latter the most impressive is base of functions - modern and very affluent Bronsztejn.




  • Nigel Kennedy

    • Another string - (un)official Nigel Kennedy's page (articles, dicsography,...).
  • Vladimir Wysotsky

    • Wysotsky in many languages - translations of his most famous pieces.
    • Library of Wysotsky's works (not only songs!. Extremely rich, but only in Russian.
    • Work collection - vast majority of Wysotsky's songs in mp3 (in Russian).
  • Wadim Egorov



  • Information

    • FIDE website (international chess association) containing among others latrst news related to chess and also ratings of federations and players (everyone with international rating).
  • Mikhail Tal

  • Databases

    • Master games - enormous collection (many of them with Fritz annotations)!
  • Programs

    • Great and very rich website of Danish chess club Norresundby - from here Palview originated, superb program to build WWW pages from PGN files, which I used by the way :).
  • Online and offline playing

    • the best place to play chess on the web I know plus training sections and possibility to give your own game to annotate by stronger player or annotate weaker ones. Strongly recommended!
    • - Slovak chess server for correspondence playing. Quite good, however still in construction.


  • - site helping with writing in Russian - converts latinum alphabet to cyrylic.
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