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My chess adventure

To start with, I would like to emphesize that I am only an amatour. Chess played important role in my childhood and still I am spending some time by the chessboard, so the natural thing is to write something about them on my homepage.

My adventure has its beginning in a very early stage of my life. My father tought me and my brother how to play and spent quite a lot of time playing with us (as far as I know he never wasn't giving us an easy win, but he sometimes played without a queen...). After some time my parents decidet to enroll us to chess classes in Polonia Warszawa chess section. I have very fond memories of the time spent there playing chess as well as running with other children on the grass near the club. What sticked in my mind from these days, besides memories, is a very warm feeling to the kinks game and admiartion for its beauty.

Nowdays I treat chess as a hobby. I don't play in tournaments since I was a kid, what in fact can be nearly said about playing face to face in general. But I can be found sometimes playing on the web. It can be a great fun!

It can be seen as a very pleasent thing to have someone whose skills you admire, even if maybe others would deserved it even more. As chess players are concerned, for me such a person is Mihkail Tal. Although he was "only" one year a World Champion and that many think Fischer or Kasparov played better, the imposibility to predict the "Magicians from Riga" moves was something that won my heart. I hope I will live to the day, when I see all his games... some are really fascinating:)

I would like to dedicate this part of my webpage to my former chess coach, Mr. Zbigniew Czajka, who dedicated me a lot of time and attention, which I am sure bore fruits not only in my chess skills but in entire life.

What you can find on this page?

In the part Chosen games I placed several most interesting games I have ever played, with some commentaries and sometimes annotations. These are mainly old games played in tournaments, but some are also more recent.

All my games I have on a computer you can see in my database. They are sorted nearly chronologically. They can be aslo downloaded in the CBH or PGN format.

In the last part you can find some chess problems, which were not, however, made up to train tactics or strategy but they came from my games or just I heard them somewhere. So it's just couple of nice problems :)

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