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About me

I study theoretical physics at the Physics Faculty of Warsaw University. I have just graduated and now I am continuing my education as a PhD Student. I would like to specialize in the theory of fundamental interactions, in particular my interests concern symetries in the fundamental theories. My master thesis, with its supervisor being prof. Krszystof Meissner, was entitled "Axions in Particle Phsyics and Cosmology" (it was written in Polish though).


More information about me, my family and friends you will someday find in part some info, however if you are more interested in physics than me (which is by the way the right thing;)) I would like to introduce you to the anwser for the question "what am I doing?".


For students, or just in case some headhunter will visit my website I placed also my CV, and also list of publications (still quite short) and studies - if possible with full text to download.

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