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Research interests

I am still at the basic level of my studies, so in present I put all my effort into getting a solid background in theoretical physics, mainly in the particle physics. Parallely I am starting to learn abut our World in much bigger scales, while being introduced to modern cosmology.


Searching for axions

Recently I took up looking for axions. Axions are hypothetical pseudoscalar particles, which were proposed in order to solve so called strong CP-problem. Roberto Peccei and Helen Quinn in the late 70's came up to an idea of introducing new global U(1) symmetry to the QCD Lagrangian, which breaking would imply existence of a pseudo-Goldstone boson, as was investigated by Steven Weinberg and independently Frank Wilczek. It was named "axion" after a loundry detergent, since it "clean up a problem with an axial current" (see article by F. Wilczek arXiv:hep-ph/0502113).

Apart from this very promising feature, after some years it was found that axion can be great candidate for the cold dark matter constituant. Many work has been done since then, but only recenlty experimental techniques started to give some hope for verification of this hypothesis. The most well know experiments include CAST (solar axions) and PVLAS (which as the only one gave positive signal, but the axion interpretation of the result is more than controversial).

At CERN new experiment is being planned. It is based upon very precise measurement of the change of light polarization, while propagating in a strong magnetic field. Paralelly a "shinning through walls" experiment is also considered, on which I hane been working a little bit. More you can learn from given links or my master thesis

and also in my reports and presentation:


Other interests

Reading. The books I like the most are these one, which in some sense are unique. This uniqueness is based on my individual feeling, so I won't even try to explain what it means ;) Even more than books I love music. When I was a schoolboy, I was given an opportunity to taste a little bit of this beautifull world by a violin classes. What remaind from it is my love and admiration for their beauty. Nowadays I restrict myself only to hearing of violin sounds, with my favourite violinist being Nigel Kennedy.

Music is for me also great way of expressing thoughts, as in poetry set to music. There are many great Polish artists in this field, but I suppose you won't find their pieces appealing your taste (as you are reading the Enlish version of my website). It is however more plausible that you know a little bit Russian language, so let me recommend you some eastern ones. Undoubtly the best ones are Vladimir Vysotsky and Bulat Okudzawa. Very nice music is also written and performed by Wadim Egorov. You can find here some links which may be inspireing.

On seperate page you can read something about my other hobby - chess.

Recently I also started to take pictures. Some of them can be found in the gallery.

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