Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy) (1885-1939)


One of the most intersting human being that inhabited our planet. Marvellous philosopher, painter and writter. Every physisist or mathematician reading his dramas, novels or philosophical treaties experience great satisfaction seeing how much Witkacy knew about the most recent advances in Physics, Mathematics and Logic. In his novels and dramas there is a plenty of deep philosophical, scientific and religious discussions. I recommend espescially the novel entitled: "Nienasycenie" (Insatisfiability).

Biography (in polish)

"O dualizmie" (About dualism) - One of the first philosophical treaties by Witkacy. Expressing exactly what is the essence of philosophy (in polish).

"Wizyta w pustelni kniazia Bazylego" (Visit in the Bazyli's hermitage) - a chapter from the book "Nienasycenie" - oustanding religious disccusion (in polish), see also our staging in the
movies section.

Portrait firm - a few paintings and the rules of the portrait firm