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The additivity principle of the extreme shell model stipulates that an average value of a one-body operator be equal to the sum of the core contribution and effective contributions of valence (particle or hole) nucleons. For quadrupole moment and angular momentum operators, we test this principle for highly and superdeformed rotational bands in the $A\sim130$ nuclei. Calculations are done in the self-consistent cranked non-relativistic Hartree-Fock and relativistic Hartree mean-field approaches. Results indicate that the additivity principle is a valid concept that justifies the use of an extreme single-particle model in an unpaired regime typical of high angular momenta.

Additivity of effective quadrupole moments and angular momentum alignments in the A$\sim $130 nuclei

M. Matev, A. V. Afanasjev, J. Dobaczewski, G. A. Lalazissis, W. Nazarewicz

August 8, 2007

Jacek Dobaczewski 2007-08-08